Ep.15 Post-Event Marketing for Property

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Getting that enquiry is obviously just the first pain point, is we need more people to talk to. Then, it’s about maintaining that relationship with those prospects, so as they both go through their decision process making cycle – as well as the ability to actually purchase and visit the display, becomes more relevant as the timeline changes.

Whether it’s opening and construction and these events that we’re going have through it out, that email communication, sms, calls, all those elements based on how they’re engaging with content.

So, recently for the Holme Collingwood campaign with CBUS Property, they had an early stage inquiry piece that we went through to the actual launch and opening. So what we’re doing there was gathering information from the prospects and then serving email content back to them to keep them up to date on things that matter to them based on the information they’ve provided.



Jake Taylor: So we don’t just want to do big blast out emails once a week, kind of the gone days of the first email marketing touchpoints. We now want to break it down, personalised. If someone says they’re enquiring about a 2 bedroom, tell them about the 2 bedroom.




And make those touchpoints relevant. And then looking at ways we can engage them to ready for the event. So, looking at which ones we’re talking to, which once are communicating, perhaps asking more questions and giving them personalised invites to the events coming up.


Yeah! That’s a great example. And I think it’s about, you touched on it there, It’s about having high frequency of communication but not having high frequency of the same message, so the prospect just feels like they’re being bombarded with the same message over and over again, that’s just not a good experience for the customer.

And now if you’d like to hear more about some of those examples that we spoke about in the video and more strategies around, how to have a successful campaign and how to go in market with some real momentum, please reach out to us at Social Garden and we’ll help you out. Thanks guys! Cheers!

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