Ep.13 How to Successfully Go to Market

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What should a developer be thinking about kind of in those early stages, when should they be going to market and what should some of their KPI’s be?


Definitely! So lots of the developers are aware that they need to go to market early and get some teaser messaging to come out. And often it’s before the price points and product offering is exactly defined, so that can’t be included in the messaging.

Traditionally, this has just been done with kind of like generic ‘coming soon’ or different elements like that.

By using digital as a channel we can use that messaging, get enquiry, but also have the opportunity to ask prospects about what they’re actually looking for.

Be it price, product mix, location, the type of things they value, and we can start to build insights on that audience, as well as testing what messages are working.

So, rather than having to put all your eggs in one basket and then run a traditional media campaign, this early stage gives us the chance to test multiple outcomes, multiple creative sets and get results on the early stages.


And I think for any developer, looking to launch of a successful campaign, I think a lot of it is about building momentum and sales is really about building momentum.

And you know in most, most of the development launches that we’re across have an event connected to the launch of the project.

If we’re able to get an early and really build a database, and we’re talking normally six to eight weeks prior to the launch of the database, we obviously can kind of start to build momentum.

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