How to Drive a Full Funnel Experience Using CRM

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Marina McManaway

Today, we’re going to talk about segmented advertising and how you can use your CRM audiences to drive a full funnel marketing experience.

Michael Bird

Yeah, so what we’re looking at a lot right now is how we pull in not only the lead data from the customer’s CRM, but also pulling in the opportunity stage. And the reason that that’s important is that people need to hear different messages at different stages of the buying process. And so if we can pull in an opportunity stage, which usually reflects where the customers is in terms of them buying our client’s product, that can tell us what type of content and call to actions they need to hear in order for them to move to the next stage.

So for example, someone at the top of the funnel – for an automotive client – doesn’t want to go straight to a test drive sometimes. They want to download information about a car, whereas someone that’s further down the funnel that might have already been on the client system, we want to have a harder call to action and that can be a test drive, for example. And all of that data will be sitting inside the CRM just waiting to be activated.


Yeah. And the idea behind that is that once someone becomes a lead they shouldn’t be excluded from social advertising. You should continue to advertise to them and even bring them to the next opportunity stage or stage in your funnel.


Totally. And I think it’s really easy to discount people that are in your existing CRM data and people that are further down the funnel, so they might even have a contract sitting with them, because the audience size is so small.

But the reality is, that’s where the most amount of revenue and opportunity is actually sitting, so having the opportunity to be able to send that person an ad or continue to have a conversation on a one to one basis through social media for $5 or $10 to send a thousand of these kind of ads is ridiculously good value and probably some of the highest ROI you can spend because they’re so far through the process.


Yeah. You’re always better off kind of spending that money on people who are already in your sales funnel than trying to go get new prospects.

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