Living and Working from Home During COVID-19

It’s been nine weeks since many of us at the Garden started working from home. Talking to colleagues, it’s clear we all have different attitudes towards working from home and fair enough! Our home lives, habits, and personalities wildly vary so it’s not surprising that there were equally varying levels of trepidation from some of us (myself included!).

But as we settle into our WFH routines, I’ve realised that there are definitely aspects of those pre-COVID working days that could have used a lot more mindfulness and a little less digital distraction…

So! To my surprise and enjoyment, this period has also turned into a great opportunity to enforce some long-term, sustainable change in my own work habits. I really hope I’ll be able to keep up many of these changes once the world begins to re-open! 

Here are some of the little things we can do to turn the work from home life into a positive lifestyle: 

  1. Plan an experimental meal using ingredients pre-existing in your fridge and pantry. (Get out that dusty blender)
  2. Think of a happy memory then give those friends/family members a call. (Laugh & smile as much as you can)
  3. Organize your wardrobe – get out the ironing board and listen to your favourite podcast. (It’s a form of meditation for me)
  4. Challenge yourself & get fit. Set small goals like increasing the number of burpees you do in a row or maybe practice your handstands. (Do at your own pace and make sure to take care of your body)
  5. Go for a walk and take different routes around your neighbourhood. (Fresh air is a must) 
  6. Finally and possibly one of the most challenging – limit your phone use to speaking with colleagues & clients to reduce the urge to go down the www rabbit hole. (Great for work and for life)
  7. Take care of your plants or get gardening. You could even start growing your own veggies or herbs! (Mindful and yummy). The highlight of my days has actually been watching my curb-side grass grow! Check out the progress.

Now is the time to up-skill, learn, and build those habits we’ve “been meaning to do for ages”. We have to focus on staying connected with each other and with ourselves. Both the world and the work can be overwhelming at times but if we take note of what our minds and bodies are telling us, then we can build a better habit for life. 

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