The New Facebook Analytics Feature We Love

At F8, Facebook unveiled a bunch of new analytics features to give you a more complete view of how your users interact with your business. We pick out our favourite new addition and talk about how this can drive your social media marketing and unlock the customer journey.

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Marina McManaway:

At the F8 conference, Facebook unveiled a bunch of new analytics features that give you a more complete view of how your users are interacting with your business.

Jake Taylor:

Sure and the new Facebook analytics tools, how are they different from the past reporting we’ve had?


It gives you a more complete view of the customer journey and it’s also a people-based measurement as opposed to pixel-based measurement.


So the people-based measurement where we can target people based on the individual’s account, rather than just guessing and using the computer or desktop that they’re normally on.


Yeah, exactly, it’s a lot more accurate.


And what are the new features that are exciting?


The feature I’m most excited about is Journeys. So it kind of gives you information about different channels you can focus on the right ones. So for example it asks, it helps you answers questions like “How many touchpoints does a user need before they can convert?” Or “What’s the first interaction that’s most likely that lead to conversion?”


And how are we using these insights?


We know that people are most likely watching this video on Instagram, so we’re going follow it up with a direct response ad on desktop where they’re most likely to convert. The awesome thing about Facebook analytics is that you are able to uncover the most likely path to conversion or identify friction in your marketing experience.

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