Facebook Lead Ads Suck. Why?

This is why you aren’t seeing ROI on Facebook lead ads.

Nik Sproal:

Why do Facebook Lead Ads suck?

Michael Bird:

Well, it’s not the ad, it’s not the ad unit that’s the problem. A lot of advertisers, what they’re doing is, now it’s so easy to generate leads on Facebook, they’re just going aggressive, straight in to try and capture the lead.

So the first experience that a customer has with the brand is their data being captured on Facebook. The second touch point is an aggressive call from a sales agent trying to sell them something. What ends up happening is the ad unit doesn’t work, the salesperson’s pissed off and the customer has a shit experience.

The way to make it work is focus on building brand value upfront and then retarget a video audience with lead ads. Then they don’t suck.



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