The Student Journey: Application to Enrolment

Video Transcript

Jack Quartermain

So in terms of applying I used VTAC I think that’s the process you go through. So VTAC was really awesome, it was pretty easy but definitely you need to have a little play around with it but I was helped with that process by definitely my friends and counsellors and teachers at school and also past students as well helped me out.

So I messaged a couple of past students to help me out in applying through VTAC and they were really helpful.

Kane Fitzgerald

I applied directly through the school and then went through a series of tests, like english tests, etc. Proficiency test and yeah interviews just to see if you’re a normal person, I guess.

Tim Newton

I had to put in our preferences so I put, obviously a teaching course is number 1 and then I had a couple of back ups just in case and then received our ATAR at the start of December and then, probably mid January where we got – said if we get accepted in the course.

Then obviously took the teaching one as my first preference and then it was probably February we had an Orientation Day because for my course it was pretty small and so we had an Orientation Day there, got to know everyone else in our course, got to know the main teachers we would have and then from there, there were some specific events for our course leading up to the first week of Uni.

Molly Steel

I applied online but I already passed the year before I even went to the exams so I just, all I needed was that transcript and yeah, so once I did that took about six weeks and I got an acceptance letter in the mail.

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