How We Did This: Education Marketing Summit

Sometimes it’s good to remind ourselves of the ace work we’ve done. Last year we proudly curated the first How We Did This education marketing summit. The day was a huge success and a big congrats to the Gardeners and our speakers.

For a whole day we immersed ourselves with delicious food, great company, and awesome conversations about how the fastest growing education providers are winning the battle for students.
We talked about innovative case studies, student recruitment strategies, and the techniques used by some of the best emerging education and technology providers.
Check out how our day went – and if you attended, you might catch a quick glimpse of yourself:

Though gatherings of more than two people currently feels like a relic of a bygone era, the enthusiasm of creative professionals remains strong.

Staying inspired and feeling like a team is crucial in these times. Our mission is to make it easy for prospective students of all ages and backgrounds to connect with quality education providers. Now it’s all hands on deck to make sure that we continue achieving just that.

Keep reading to learn more about the key presentations!

How we built one of Australia’s largest online learning platforms for the healthcare industry

“Make data your competitive advantage. The future of any industry belongs to the company that owns the data underpinning it. Protect it and map it out.” – Will Egan – Chief Strategy Officer @ Ausmed

About Will Egan
Will is a digital marketing specialist with extensive experience in a broad range of high growth marketing and sales contexts (from 1 to 100m+ users). Currently, he is the Chief Strategy Officer at Ausmed Education, a learning platform for health professionals.

How we are transforming career education to catalyse the next generation of female leaders

“Build a community then build them what they ask for. Start with the users why, not the business why. Ask what are the jobs to be done by the students? Schools? Parents? Career advisors?” – Madeleine Grummet & Edwina Kolomanski – Co-founders @ Girledworld

About Madeleine Grummet & Edwina Kolomanski
When Madeleine and Edwina put their collective brain power toward a Master’s Thesis on the gender gap and innovation drivers in the Future of Work, they discovered a problem so big that they turned the solution into girledworld, set to transform career education.

How we built Australia’s largest digital platform for high school leavers

“There is an unbalanced understanding of different pathway options. 48% of students get their most trustworthy career advice from parents/caregivers but believe their parents have very little understanding of pathway options outside of university.” – William Stubley – Co-founder @ Year 13

About William Stubley
William Stubley is a co-founder and director of Year13. Immersed in his own post-school struggle, Year13 was dreamed up in his early 20s up to help other young people in the same position. Now they help hundreds of thousands of young Australians on a monthly basis, along with the help of a rapidly growing team of young creatives and school leavers.

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