The Student Journey: Other Pathways

Video Transcript

Jack Quartermain

Yeah so I definitely considered a gap year and also I really wanted to start working as soon as possible but I thought that I’d be best to be into my Uni straight away and sort of get everything over and done with. I thought it was important rather than waiting around and doing a gap year and prolonging the whole process post-school.

Kane Fitzgerald

When I was finishing high school, a lot of my peers around me where jumping straight into say for example a business degree.

They weren’t really sure what they wanted to do like myself but that seemed like a broad spectrum sort of something they could jump into. For me it was sort of I won’t go straight into that immediately. I’ll, you know work for a bit, and see if I figure it out, you know, maybe who I am or what I want to do.

Molly Steel

I didn’t want to go into a gap year because I was scared I wouldn’t come back to Uni so I just stayed there and thought I’d do it after I finish.

Tim Newton

To begin with I was considering taking a gap year, wasn’t sure whether I should or not spoke to people about it, most of my friends didn’t so that’s probably in turn why I just did it in the end and just wanted to get it over and done with but then a year and a half through I realised I probably should have and I ended up just deferring.

I guess if I changed anything I may not have been able to have the same work experience that I had that has led me to get where I am now. So if I took a gap year I may not have the same job, I may not have been put into the same position which then would’ve allowed me to realise what I want to do.

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