Lead Conversion Strategies at the Bottom of the Funnel

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Nik Sproal

Welcome to Social Garden Property TV. Today, I’m here with Jake. Welcome.

Jake Taylor

Thank you.


Jake and I are going to be talking about bottom of the funnel conversion strategies. Jake, your top three tips here.


Sure. So, following up with new inquiry promptly, getting sales qualified leads from your database and giving the right information at the right stage of the process.


Okay, so let’s start with following up promptly, what’s the key here?


Sure, so digital advertising has unlocked a huge volume and scalability option but we still want to make sure that we’re giving every lead, every chance to convert. So we need to be following up with all the enquiry, even though it’s scaled, promptly to make sure that we give every lead every chance to convert and connect with the sales agents.


And we know there’s around 20% of our database at that sales ready point, at this point.


That’s what we find. So, working through the volume of sales as it comes through but making sure that that 20% is getting the right information and connecting with the sales agent.


So, Jake your second point here around sales qualified lead already in the database. What’s key at this point?


Sure, so the leads that have made it to your database are likely to be marketing qualified leads because your sales team’s working on those that are already sales qualified. But it’s going to be important to understand that leads are going to change from being marketing qualified leads to sales qualified leads and we need cues and techniques in place to identify when that change is taking place.

So lead scoring, having cues and triggers, kind of with high intent on the website to identify when people are going back this content, as well as additional opt ins and forms to book appointments – are all going to be different elements of strategies that can be used in automation and kind of communication, to identify when people are progressing to become a sales qualified lead.


And ultimately off all of those cues you’re talking about, we’re saying get those people in front of the sales team, right?


Exactly this is how we kind of keep a pulse on a database that can be ten, hundred thousand people, whatever the kind of number is. That we we can then keep a pulse on the hottest level prospects and then come back and have sales communicate with just those.

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