Ep.8 How to Track Online and Offline Channels

How to track online and offline channels with multi touch attribution

In this episode, we look at using multi-touch attribution to track online and offline activity. MTA determines which touchpoints deliver the most ROI for your business and can be combined with other data sets to create an informed, holistic viewpoint.

What types of channels can you track with multi-touch attribution?

Multi-touch attribution can track lots of different online channels.
This could be direct mail, radio, point of sale, TV and appointments. You know, really run the gamut.
Multi-touch attribution can also track your offline channels. This could be your print, TV or radio. Tracking against these is really useful analysing your marketing mix.
Keep reading to learn more about what to look for when tracking with multi-touch attribution.

Inter-channel efficiency

What you’re looking for is firstly, inter-channel efficiency. What does this mean?
Look for efficiencies across two different channels. Let’s say your objective is conversions. So you’ll need to look at which channel is more effective at driving conversions. In this case, it could be comparing Facebook marketing and print.
This will help you to pinpoint what channel to use at each stage of the buying journey. Just because print might not generate the enquiries Facebook does, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a place in the brand awareness stage.

Intra-channel efficiency

You should also look out for intra-channel efficiency, so that’s within one channel.
This means asking yourself, which vehicle is better for driving some type of objective? If you’re looking at appointments, is a video Facebook ad or a Messenger ad going to achieve the best result?
Both of these ad types exist within the Facebook platform, but offer very different experiences. And again, you might find that people who come from a Facebook video ad have a higher conversion rate, but maybe they require more touchpoints than those who have enquired via Messenger.
What’s really great about multi-touch attribution is how it connects online and offline behaviours.
From this, you can see how channels support each other or take away from each other. This way you can allocate your marketing spend based on insightful data that shows you where you’re getting the most return on your investment.

Key takeaways

Last-click vs. multi-touch attribution

  • Use multi-touch attribution to get a complete view of your marketing mix efficiencies. For example if a consumer sees an ad on Instagram and then decides to visit your website, a last-touch attribution model will miss the value of Instagram in the customer journey.

Get started on the tools

Intra-channel vs. inter-channel efficiency

  • Compare the efficiency of two different channels to prioritise your spend and optimise where the channel comes into the customer journey. Then, compare different avenues within the same channel to ensure you’re getting the most from each of your platforms.

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