Ep.8 How to Track Online and Offline Channels

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What are some other types of channels where you can track?


Yes. So multi-touch attribution can track lots of a different online channels. So that can be email, SMS, Facebook, Search, banner advertising. You know really run the gamut. And also offline channels, whether it’s print or TV, radio and you can kind of track against both of those.

What you’re really looking for is either inter-channel efficiency, that’s looking at efficiencies across two different channels. Let’s say your objective is conversions. So you’re looking at which channel is more effective at driving conversions, Facebook marketing or print?

You can also do intra-channel efficiency, so that’s within one channel. Which vehicle is better for driving some type of objective? If you are looking at appointments, is it a video Facebook ad or is it a messenger ad, for example, but they’re both in Facebook.

And what’s really great about multi-touch attribution is it’s connecting online and offline behaviours. You’re able to see how these channels are supporting each other or alternatively taking away from each other.

So that way you can allocate your marketing spend based on very insightful data that tells you where you’re getting the most return on your investment.

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