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Facebook Attribution

How does Facebook Attribution work?

Relying solely on cookies and last-click attribution won’t give you the whole picture of which parts of your advertising really drive sales outcomes. The Facebook Attribution tool helps you see more of your purchase path with better ad measurement.

Attribution models

What is the even credit model?

The even credit attribution model is used to consider the full conversion path. It gives each touchpoint an equal percentage of the credit for a conversion. This means you understand how to value the first touchpoint that introduced your product, the middle touchpoints in the consideration stage and the last touchpoint that actually gets a prospect to convert.

Which attribution model should I use?

Compared to last touch or last-click attribution, even credit better reflects how all touchpoints lead to a conversion.

Even credit attribution

How it’s calculated

For example, “if there was one impression, three clicks and one visit (5 touchpoints) on the conversion path, each one would share 0.20 (20%) of the credit for the sale.”

Sales in CRM

Email & Phone match against FB pixels

FB divides the sale by the total number of touch points recorded during the attribution window

Reporting for the Property Industry

Our point of difference

The deep expertise our team has in multi-touch attribution modelling and the real estate industry ensures our clients get the full benefits of Facebook attribution.

Facebook’s attribution reporting provide new level of depth to the latest reporting model. The technology is so new that less than 0.2% of Facebook partner agencies report at this level.

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