Would You Click on a Banner Ad?

What are you more likely to do than click on a banner ad?

Once the primary form of online advertisement, banner ads have significantly diminished in importance as the online marketing industry has evolved to focus even more sharply on return on investment. That is not to say that there is no longer a place for banner ads in the marketing landscape. When paired with further marketing strategies, banner ads can still play an important role in expanding your brand.

Michael Bird:

Marina, I hate to break it to you but you’ve got a higher chance of getting accepted into both Stanford and Harvard than your banner ads have a chance of getting clicked on.

Marina McManaway:

Guess what Mike? You have a higher chance of being born with eleven toes than you do of getting a click on your banner ad.


You know you’re three times more likely to have identical twins than your banner ad has a chance of getting clicked on.




The only amazing statistic we’re seeing is how much money people are wasting on banner ads. Stop the madness.


Okay, stop spending money on banner ads guys.


It does not work.

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