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Erica Sachse

Welcome to Digital Marketing TV. L, great to have you back.

Lachlan Dun

Great to be here, E.


So we’re back because Instagram has launched its new product, IGTV. Can you tell us about that?


Sure. So IGTV is basically Instagram TV and it’s a new content upload sort of platform within Instagram itself, where you can upload vertical content for up to an hour long.


Great. So if I want to be a creator in the IGTV platform, what’s a top tip to get started?


I would definitely make sure that your content is sitting natively within the IGTV platform. It’s not really the kind of place where you would see the same kind of content that you would upload to stories or your Instagram feed or anything like that. Really make sure that what you’re making is vertically oriented for long form video.


Are there any creators that are doing this really well?


Yes, so National Geographic has been really popular at the moment because they just uploaded a 45-minute documentary. It’s way more polished than anything you would see on something like stories or maybe even an Instagram feed. And because it is that longer form content it’s much more immersive and engaging, and people are really responding to that.

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