5 Content Marketing Strategies for Insurance

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Insurance is a financial product that no one really wants to have to use, but is extremely important when people need it. Integrating insurance marketing strategies with content can be challenging, simply because it is not always the most interesting field to read about. Fortunately, there are some effective content marketing strategies for insurance companies that can help them do a better job of appealing to potential clients with the content they use in their online marketing campaigns.

Address Problems In The Insurance Sector

It may sound odd that negative publicity can help the insurance sector in online marketing, but discussing the problems faced by your clients can be a remarkable content marketing strategy . Rather than discussing the insurance company or products and services you offer, take the time to think about what type of problems or challenges these offerings help your clients deal with.

For example, in the car insurance field, you could discuss some of the biggest challenges that people deal with after they have been involved in an car accident and how having sufficient insurance helps them deal with these problems as quickly as possible. This is one of the effective content marketing strategies for insurance companies because it allows people to visualise themselves in these problematic situations, which in turn allows them to see your company and its products or services as a solution provider.

Be Specific to Your Field

Another major problem that every company in the insurance sector faces is a broad content plan. Excessively broad content strategies will result in an incongruent approach to content marketing, which will confuse people and put them off from your website. There is nothing wrong with writing about events or ideas outside of your field, but it is always important to bring them back to your company’s core unique selling point so that your readers understand how the content plan is relevant to your field.

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Incorporate Testimonials

Insurance is a dry subject for most people. They will only understand its importance when they require it the most. However, by using an effective content marketing strategy, it is easy to build interest by incorporating real world testimonials from actual people.  

Everyone likes to relate to someone else and with a well-planned content marketing strategy for insurance companies, you give people the ability to do this. When they can relate to others who have been served by your insurance products, it is easier for people to come to the decision that you can provide value for them as well.

Make it interesting for your audience

Always try to promote the product the way your audience likes to see it. A content marketing strategy gives you the opportunity to mould the content as the user wants. It allows you to encourage the audience to learn more about the benefits of having insurance. The content plan should be such that it relates to people in real life.  

For example, you may include in your content plan about life insurance that helps your readers learn more about why this product is so valuable by seeing how it helped a family stay afloat after the death of the main breadwinner in the household.

Add Realistic Stories to your Content Plan

Adding stories to your content plan can be extremely valuable in many areas of marketing. This will build personality into your insurance marketing strategies as people love to read stories. If you can tell a story that engages people by making them think about a concept or idea in a new way or challenges their current views, it will be much easier for you to win new business with your content marketing strategies.

It is also easy for you to incorporate storytelling into your testimonials. For example, you may think about a series of blog posts that are written from the perspective of actual customers, which allow them to tell their stories and give information about how having insurance helped them.

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Content marketing helps with client engagement

Client engagement these days is very important for your business to  excel. The insurance sector is competitive but an effective content plan can help you beat your competitors. Try to post content that is practical and helps them understand the requirement of the products you sell.

An interactive content marketing strategy will provide them with ideas of why is it important to have an insurance plan. With realistic content, you can touch your client’s areas of concern , which will consistently increase your client engagement. When you reach this stage, it will bring a direct impact on your insurance business.

Create Content Relevant to Modern Times

Insurance has been around for a while, but over the years the needs and concerns of customers in the industry have changed significantly. As our economy and global market experiences swing in various directions, it impacts the way that people view their investments, including insurance.

For this reason, one of the most effective content marketing strategies for an insurance company involves making sure that content relates to things that people care about today. Look through various media outlets so that you can determine which issues your prospects are currently most concerned about, which will help you tailor your content strategy in a way that makes sense based on these concerns. In auto insurance, for example, you might include a content piece about the rise of greener vehicles and how it is impacting insurance rates on cars.

In conclusion, these were some of the insurance industry content marketing strategies that can help enhance your business. With a focused, consistent approach to creating content for your readers you will be able to gain more success and more leads through your insurance company’s online presence.

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