4 Content Marketers Who Are Getting it Right

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Content media marketing has been around for more than a century, with the earliest known pioneer being a baking powder company that incorporated recipes in their packaging. Today, content marketing has moved on to the digital realm and grown more dynamic with the changing times.

With the advent of social media, everyone on the internet has a voice that can be heard by even the biggest brands. Through a whole population of potential customers and clients, content marketing has put its focus on finding out what kind of content can gain widespread attention across different groups of people.

In the age where almost every marketing gimmick seems to have been tried, there are still a few who have managed to find new and innovative ways to promote a brand through content marketing. Here are some geniuses who have shown outstanding innovation in their field:

Micro-content Master

Gary Vaynerchuk is the CEO and founder of Vaynermedia. In addition to running an agency that develops micro-content strategies, he also finds the time to be an entrepreneur, author and investor.

Vaynermedia’s expertise lie in working with big brands to come up with micro-content strategies and setting the bar for telling their story through the use of gifs, vines and photo sharing. The company has worked with organisations from numerous industries such as retail, recreation and publishing.

Snapchat Savants

Anna Russell is the general manager of Brand Marketing, Audi of America, and Aaron Shapiro is the CEO of Huge. Together, they pioneered the launch of the first every Super Bowl Snapchat campaign. The campaign encouraged Snapchat users to take snaps of things that are happening outside of the Super Bowl sphere of influence. The campaign received mixed reviews, but it received its fair share of intended publicity and interaction.

Sage of Strategic Media Content Success

Debra Aho Williamson, an analyst for eMarketer, is focused in creating the one element that can determine the success or failure of a media content strategy. This includes finding out what’s really worth the extra effort when it comes to marketing a brand in real time, and finding out the opportune moment to join in on audience engagement. It also takes into consideration if the content and engagement fits into the brand’s marketing plan as a whole.

Stars of Strategies

Steve Baer is the managing partner of Code + Theory, and Shaun Nichols is the Vice President of Integrated Content, Dr Pepper Snapple Group. Dr Pepper is undeniably a popular youth brand that aims to create gripping content that would still receive attention despite the barrage of social media posts on all channels. They stress the importance of authenticity in the world of marketing, while still aiming to stay dynamic enough to flow with the tide.


These pros have tested the boundaries of content marketing by providing their respective clients with unique strategies and novel evaluation methods. By producing and promoting content that is both relevant and engaging, these masters can serve as benchmarks for the marketers of the future.

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