Case Study: Customer Journey Mapping – Carlisle Homes

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with the team at Social Garden. They were extremely professional, knowledgeable and easy to deal with. Most importantly, they delivered the expected outcomes for our Customer Journey Mapping Project.”
– Anna McCarthy

Social Garden is a customer acquisition firm with a demonstrated track record of utilising a data driven, omni-channel approach to revenue creation that drives ROI for our clients. Customer Journey Mapping is one of the most important strategic planning services we provide our clients.

In 2017, Carlisle Homes approached Social Garden to audit their current marketing and sales processes, map out the current customer journey and provide recommendations to match their customer journey to their business processes. This was designed to create a more automated and seamless experience for their customers.

The primary goal of the project was to create a new business process and communication strategy where prospects arrive at the end of their buying journey feeling supported, prepared and confident in their purchase.

The project was delivered in four phases:

  1. Current State Workshop
  2. Customer First Experience Workshop
  3. Post-workshop
  4. Future State Marketing Strategy

Social Garden identified three key target audiences in the buying journey: First Home Buyers, Upsizers, and Investors.

Typical persona aspects were mapped out for each audience segment, including: goals, demographics, behaviours, needs, motivations and online behaviours.

The Current State Workshop involved understanding the five stages (and associated thoughts and motivations) each audience segment passes through, from enquiry, to home deposit, to post-deposit and through to move-in. This process involves: interest, consideration, intent, pre-purchase evaluation, and deposit.

In the Customer First Experience Workshop we discussed the pain points for each target audience segment at each stage of the buyer process.

As part of the Post-workshop phase, these findings formed the basis of a new key messaging and communication matrix detailing recommendations for the use of digital channels (e.g. social retargeting, email marketing, SMS, and calling).

Content themes were then created to resolve common issues a prospect may have at each stage of the funnel with the aim of pushing the audience through to the next stage. These themes and ideas are explored through different marketing formats.

Content theme examples:

  • A Guide to Upsizing Your Home
  • How Much Deposit Do I Need to Buy My Home
  • Top 10 Home Build Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make
  • Finding a Home Builder You Can Trust
  • Does Paying Off Your Mortgage Early Make Sense?

By leveraging Carlisle Homes existing data, and understanding their business processes as well as their target audiences, we were able to drive competitive advantage through a customised and engaging buyer experience.

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