PropTV Ep. 8 Increase Lead to Appointment Rates

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Mike Bird

Right, so today we’re talking about three common reasons why sales agents find it challenging to convert digital leads into appointments. So certainly what we’ve seen from our call center data is that the time where it takes between when a lead is generated to when the first contact is made, that is the most critical piece of information and critical piece of data that will influence that conversion rate.

Obviously we’re all living super busy lives, as people are kinda increasingly shifting their property research online they’ve got short window of time in that consideration set. And so even 2, 3, 4 hours after that prospect, that lead has originally been generated, typically they’re in a completely different mindset, focused on something else and they don’t really want to take your call. So that speed to call is incredibly important.

Jake Taylor

Yeah, and digital has just ramped up the access that people have to that information and they can choose to get it anytime they want so you need to be getting back in touch with them while they’re still in that frame of mind and haven’t moved on to the next thing of their busy life.


Number 2 is really making sure that you’re understanding where the customer is in their journey. There’s nothing that turns off a prospect faster than someone who is jamming an appointment down their throat or trying to push them through the sales funnel when they’re only just entering the phase.

The caveat to that is if you are getting leads across all stages of the customer journey, which given the kind of state of things is the case now is making sure you’ve got a really robust customer experience strategy to make sure that leads aren’t falling through the cracks. And if they’re kind of 6 months away from looking to buy there’s a robust kind of lead nurturing process in place.


Yeah, that first touch point is really a customer service piece. Yeah, there’s gonna be the ability to qualify people for next steps but a lot of it is gonna be about providing that information and building trust with the prospects.


And for the final point, making sure that the value for the customer is very clear, in terms of what the appointment is all about and what information they’re gonna get that they can’t find online as you’ve said before, you know, information is increasingly accessible so what is it about this appointment that’s gonna make this person come down.

They know they’re gonna have this experience with the sales agent and really understand why they’re coming down and whether it’s giving them the price points, more detailed floor plans, they could be some kind of virtual reality function down there. What is it at your sales suite experience that’s really gonna drive those prospects for them to value what is down there?

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