Ep.11 Search Engine Marketing for Higher Education

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Brett, we’ve been working with higher education providers for over four years now. Over that time, we’ve been working across a lot of different search campaigns.

So I thought today would be a good chance for us to share three key tips for universities and TAFEs, that they can implement this key recruitment period.


Absolutely, what are the three tips we’ve got?


So, number one, DSA. Dynamic Search Ad campaigns. It’s a great way to fill the missing gaps in your keyword list. It’s also an insurance, so that if you don’t have that keyword there and it’s not triggering an ad, you’ve got a backup.


Great call. Any other ones?


Yes, postcode targeting. Definitely be looking at implementing it as opposed to just targeting you know your specific city or your state.

Now you can upload all of the postcodes where your cohort may be living and you can then obviously optimise towards the postcodes that are generating the best performance.


Great. And aside from optimisations what else can you use that data for?


Yeah so it’s a great way of measuring the performance of your above the line campaigns, especially billboards.

If you’ve got a billboard in a specific suburb, you can match that up against the data you’ve captured in your postcode targeting and see if there’s been like an increase in branded traffic for example.

What about you Brett, have you got any good tips?


Another one is that you’ve always got to be present on Google. We’re leaning more and more that students are not searching just in those key recruitment stages, but they’re searching throughout the year and even as early as year 9 to 10.

And you’ve really got to use advertising on Google to really pull those students into your website and show them what you can offer them.


Yeah, definitely. I mean it’s such a great targeting tool, those people are actively searching for your course and you want to be there to capture them straight away right?


It’s a no brainer that should be doing it.

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