5 LinkedIn Tools to Generate Qualified Leads

lead generation using linkedin

LinkedIn is the best professional network. No wonder why it’s considered the premier site for business networking and companies of all sizes are using its powerful tools. Michael Bird has put together a list of his 5 favourite ways to effeciently generate leads with LinkedIn.

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1. Create relevant content consistently

linkedin-post-relevant-content. Generate Leads with LinkedIn

One of LinkedIn’s most powerful tools is its content publishing system. On a daily basis, the site publishes articles and blog posts by a variety of different authors. Publishing your own company’s content on LinkedIn helps establish you as an authority in your field. Thus, your prospects will be more inclined to take you seriously when you approach them

Content can also help you raise awareness for your industry, which is important if you offer a niche product or service that people may not understand very well. On the other hand, if you function in a crowded industry with several players, well-written content can help you stand out from your competition.

Engaging and grabbing your future clients’ attention is the first step of your LinkedIn success.


2. Use InMail

InMail sample from LinkedIn Sales blog. Generate Leads with LinkedIn

InMail sample from LinkedIn Sales blog.

InMail is LinkedIn’s messaging tool. Using InMail allows you to send a direct message to prospects you think are a good fit for your services. Be sure that you craft compelling, attention-getting messages that encourage a response from the prospects that you send them to.

InMail is also valuable for referrals. If you and a prospect have a mutual contact, you can use InMail to ask for a referral from that mutual contact. That’s great because you wouldn’t have to worry about sending a cold first message!


3. Take Advantage Of LinkedIn’s Search Tool

Utilise LinkedIn's robust search. Generate Leads with LinkedIn

Utilise LinkedIn’s robust search.

Another thing that separates LinkedIn from other networks is its robust search functionality. With its search platform, you will be able to look for people in a certain area, industry, or even those who have a particular job title. Narrowing down your prospect search in this way can help you become much more effective at generating leads on LinkedIn.


4. Improve Your Profile

LinkedIn's new sample profile. Generate Leads with LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s new sample profile.

This could be the most important of these 5 ways to generate leads with LinkedIn.

Your company profile should have concise information about your organisation and how it can help prospective customers. It should make people want to learn more about your company and what it does. Also encourage your employees to have their own profiles, especially those involved in lead generation activities at the company.

Whenever possible, try to include testimonials or quotes from actual clients. Statistics show that 70% of online consumers trust the opinions of other people online, even if they don’t know them.

There is nothing wrong with asking some of your best customers to write you a recommendation or offer a testimonial on LinkedIn. You may even consider sweetening the deal by offering them a discount or recognition on your own site.


5. Join Relevant Groups

Example of an industry-specific group in LinkedIn. Generate Leads with LinkedIn.

Example of an industry-specific group in LinkedIn.

There’s a reason why LinkedIn tools for business hold so many great opportunities. LinkedIn’s groups are an excellent way to connect with people in your industry.

Getting ideas on lead generation tactics from other companies like yours is just the beginning. You will also be able to get acquainted with people who may have an immediate need for your products or services.

Some groups will be more helpful than others, so be creative and think outside of the box when deciding which groups to join.

Remember to think beyond just joining groups relevant to your industry. Some ideas for groups to join on LinkedIn are those focused on your geographic area, organisations or people that you support through charitable donations.

You can even participate in groups that your customers might join. For example: if your company sells household appliances, join groups relating to home decoration or interior design.

Give our tips a go! We are sure that these 5 ways to generate leads with LinkedIn will help you grow your business.

Keep in mind that your presence in LinkedIn should go hand in hand with your other Social Media accounts.

LinkedIn is most effective when you use it to reinforce a cohesive marketing message that you are spreading through several channels. Especially the ones where your potential customers are hanging out!


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