How to Generate Sales Ready Property Leads

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Hi guys! Today we’re gonna talk about how you can save time and generate sales qualified leads. Welcome Erica.


Thank you! Thanks for having me again!


Fantastic! So sales qualified leads, what are they?


So, the first step is definitely to define what a sales qualified lead is. So, you’re looking for their timeframe to purchase whether it’s in the first three months. The fact that they are looking to speak to a salesperson and most likely, they have their finances in order- while on their way into that.


Okay. So you’re basically looking for what we call intent markers to indicate that they’re very far down their decision making process.


Absolutely! They’re at that intent stage, they are at least at the intent stage of the buying process where they’re making decisions around what’s the actual product and what are the trade-offs have to be okay with in order to go and move forward with the purchase.


Ok, fantastic. And basically, how do we identify sales qualified lead? What’s the best way to do that?


So what we would want to do is we would look at our channel-mix. So we’re looking at what channels where were reaching out and targeting that audience, and putting in messaging in those channels that would speak to somebody whose in that mindset around evaluating products and evaluating those trade offs. Then we want to bring them to lead capture page – form, and include profile questions which are those intent markers that you use to define where the sales qualified lead is. So when we ask them upfront, what is their timeframe to purchase, what is their finance status, and if they have any product preferences.


And do you find people are preferred to give that level of information?


Absolutely! They’re more likely to give it on a form because they are expecting you to have a more personalised conversation with them from that point forward.


Ok, so you’ve captured the lead. You’ve got some great information about them, what needs to happen next?


So then you want to qualify them as quickly as possible. We know that the faster you can get them on the phone after they’ve submitted their inquiry, the better chance you are in order to get an accurate qualification. Now that phone call is really around determining what they want their next step to be. Ideally you want to be in appointment and with their sales rep.


So in the perfect world, you’ve basically efficiently captured your sales qualified lead. You’ve learned a heap of information about them why you’re actually getting them to inquire. And then you’ve got them straight into your call centre or your sales team they’ve had that conversation and their moving to begin in front of a sales consultant– and that’s really the best way to maximise those opportunities is to get those sales ready leads in the door.

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