Social Garden Appoints New CEO

Inaugural CEO departs Social Garden

“After 7 years as CEO of Social Garden, yesterday was my final day in the role.

It’s been an amazing journey that started from my living room with Andrew Archibald & George Glover.

When we first started I never dreamed I would be leading a team of 70 people across Social Garden & Urban in four countries but this became a reality toward the end of last year.

One of the things that got us there was focus, and after achieving the growth goals we set for ourselves at the beginning of 2019, we’ve created the opportunity for me to transition that focus into the CEO role at Urban.

Social Garden has taken me to some amazing places and provided the opportunity to meet some incredible people. Both inside the business and out. I’m super grateful for that.

I’m still going to be actively involved in Social Garden in an advisory/internal coaching capacity.

I’ll also continue working alongside my best friend and business partner, George Glover, as he formally takes the CEO role that he has been functionally operating in for the last six months.

Thank you to the wonderful people that have made Social Garden the incredible business it is today, it’s been an honour.

I’m excited to see where we take Social Garden & Urban next.

Let’s go.”

Michael Bird
Social Garden Co-founder / Executive Director CEO

Familiar face appointed as new CEO of Social Garden

“After 7 years of working alongside Mike Bird at Social Garden we’ve decided to make a change.

We’re excited to announce Mike is moving across to Urban to take on the role of CEO and I’m moving into the role of CEO at Social Garden.

I’m super excited for the opportunity to lead our talented team of Gardeners as we head into the next phase of the company’s growth.

To Mike, thanks for your incredible leadership over the past 7 years. I feel very privileged to walk alongside you each day.

To our senior management team, thank you. This change wouldn’t be possible without your leadership.

To our clients, mentors and partners, thanks for believing and backing us.

I’m pumped to see where we take Social Garden and Urban next.

2020 here we come!”

George Glover
Social Garden CEO

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