Why You Need AI in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Aren’t we lucky to be marketers working in the digital age?

Rather than tech taking our jobs as previously thought, it will do the menial tasks for us so that we can focus our energies on the strategic side of things.

In fact, Salesforce found that 84% of marketing leaders are using AI, meaning you’ve got to be in it to win it if you want to keep up.

While there are infinite forms that artificial intelligence (AI) can take as part of your digital marketing strategy, they all work to improve efficiency, cut costs and beef up your ROI.

So here we’ll talk about this exciting advent of AI in digital marketing— what’s happening now that the future is here.

Examples of artificial intelligence in digital marketing

Targeted Marketing

Forget spraying your message out to all and sundry in the hopes of reaching the right person. AI lets you do targeted marketing to reach your qualified leads.

Think Facebook targeted advertising or Amazon’s recommendation feed.

Via machine learning, targeted marketing is even better at delivering the right messages to the right person at the right time.

AI-Driven Content Marketing

Similarly, artificial intelligence in the content marketing sphere lets you feed audiences content that truly engages.

AI technology is speedy and efficient at doing what we used to do through formulas and methods. For example, AI is being used in headline and subject line generation tools, figuring out what features get the most clicks and opens.

AI is even being used to generate text and images, cutting costs and tapping into current trends.


It’s no longer a buzz word but a way of life. Personalisation is expected by users and customers.

Just think of all those times you saw ads for something you bought 3 months ago, or that time you got an email from a political party you’ve never voted for. Moments like these stand out because we’ve come to expect a certain level of personalisation.

But thanks to artificial intelligence, personalisation is easier than ever to implement in your digital marketing strategy.

It helps you figure out where your audience likes to hang out online, what times they are most active, and how to avoid annoying them with irrelevant content.

Predicting Customer Behaviour

AI is becoming a part of customer relationship management. By studying user behaviours, your CRM can help you figure out what your audience segments are and what their buyer journeys look like.

The benefits of these are enormous. You gain the power to nurture your leads through personalisation and targeted messaging, converting them into sales faster.

Marketing Automation

Email marketing has reigned supreme as one of the most cost-effective ways to nurture your leads to sales. Now that AI is part of the picture, you can do even more with marketing automation.

As machine learning picks up customer behaviours like open and click-through rates, it automatically improves on itself. Based on its learnings, it can even tweak email messaging and timing for you.

As slayers of email marketing, we use AI in How to Make Your Email Marketing More Effective.

Dynamic Pricing

We’ve already talked about how AI automates processes and even uses machine learning to improve and make predictions. Another example of this is dynamic pricing, a feature of ecommerce platforms that lowers or increases the price of a product based on market factors.

You’ve probably noticed that some of your online products are pricier at times when they are most in-demand, and that you’ve been happy to pay extra at times of scarcity.

Autoresponders & Chatbots

With the digital world always on, standard business hours don’t apply.  Users expect brands to have customer service or online support in one form or another.

Chatbots are a great way to help your website visitors with their enquiries and navigating your product offerings.

Similarly, an autoresponder can be a reply email that gives your customer a receipt of their enquiry out of hours or until your staff can help them alone.

We’ve personally used the power of autoresponders to achieve great results, boosting open rates by 4x and click-through rates by 5x.

Find out more in Benefits of Autoresponders & How to Use Them.

Future of AI in digital marketing

The future of AI in digital marketing is here, with the global AI market snowballing towards $190.61 billion by 2025. With all of the major social media platforms and digital marketing tools utilising AI to improve efficiency, marketers can now reach audiences better than ever and turn them into sales.

Now is the time to tap into this powerful tool to supercharge your digital marketing strategy.

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