Case Study: Video Production & Strategy

Working with experienced cinematographers, sound producers, video editors and motion graphics specialists, as well as Social Garden’s own key digital strategists, we create video content that fits seamlessly across the decision making process.

Social Garden understands that online video is revolutionising the way people consume online content. Unlike images and text, video is the most hands-off and engaging way to research. Video marketing works exceptionally well as part of the decision-making process, which is why we’ve been discussing the benefits with our clients.

One of Social Garden’s longest standing clients, The College for Adult Learning, was also one of our first to add video marketing services to their body of work in 2017. They indicated that they required engaging content to update across their social channels and website. As an online education provider, video content is also a great way to show behind-the-scenes content of College for Adult Learning and allow prospective students to form a connection with the brand.

Social Garden was responsible for all elements of video production and came up with the themes and strategies for each video in the series (6 in total).

The first 3 videos were filmed in a three-hour time-frame from the Social Garden studio. College for Adult Learning provided the student testimonials that they had acquired from speaking to real students and alumni, and Social Garden sourced the talent.

For the second round of filming, Social Garden travelled off-site to film the College for Adult Learning tutors being interviewed in their offices and working in their everyday environment. This second round of videos are particularly impactful in allowing prospective students, current students and alumni to put faces to the names on the phone and emails.

Our experienced videographer set up the camera and lighting for filming, and post-production editing and motion graphics were managed by Social Garden, liaising with College for Adult Learning for review and approvals.

In addition to these key functions, Social Garden staff worked through the storyboarding, video strategy, and final scripting. Music and stock footage had to be sourced, and SRT files created for video captions on social platforms. Client branding was carefully adhered to in the creation of the motion graphics featured throughout the videos.

The videos were edited into a suitable length and layout, to appropriate for social channels, and so each video tells a story that is easy to understand for the viewer.

Social Garden streamlined the production process and simplified the video content generation process for College for Adult Learning, allowing them to better engage and connect with their audiences on various channels.

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