Creating a seamless ad experience to deliver 8,283% ROI

Learn how Social Garden reduced the cost per sale to increase ROI for Frasers Property's The Grove in Tarneit.

Responding to a fast-changing market

Continuing our successful partnership across a number of masterplanned communities, Frasers Property engaged Social Garden to deliver digital advertising and lead generation for The Grove.

Launching just before the start of the pandemic, the biggest challenge we faced was to keep pace with a fast-changing market.

During the height of Victoria’s lockdown, we saw unprecedented demand for larger blocks of land and bigger houses, as people sought more space at home.

The team identified early on that our ability to pivot in this quick-change market would dictate our success. With regular optimisations and a focus on creative testing, we delivered constant incremental improvements to achieve over $34M+ in revenue for the client.

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Return on ad spend


Cost per sale achieved


Leads generated as of August 2022

A data-driven approach to

Our team set to work developing creative to speak directly to the key brand pillars of The Grove: a range of land sizes, stunning natural surrounds and future on-site amenities promising a great lifestyle for families.

At both an ad and a landing page level, we tested these KSPs and tracked the result all the way from click to sale. This ‘test and measure’ approach allowed us to optimise the campaign towards getting the sale through the constant evolution of creative.

Matching the message to the

The insights gathered from our campaign fuelled our experimentation. With more than 60% of leads completing their profile, we were able to paint a clearer picture for Frasers Property of their audience: including financial status, household structure, preferred land size and budget.

This led to a winning idea: testing the most popular land sizes (according to data insights) rather than individual lots. This approach meant we could achieve scale without being restricted by price.

“Working closely with the Frasers marketing team, we were able to deliver ongoing improvements in ROI by leveraging customer insights to constantly adjust campaign messaging to align with shifting consumer behaviour. This was particularly important when customer needs changed significantly during the COVID-enforced lockdowns”

– Nik Sproal
General Manager


Exceptional results so far


Return on ad spend


Cost per sale achieved


Leads generated as of August 2022

We look forward to building on the momentum and continuing to reduce the cost per acquisition for Frasers Property.

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