Streamlining sales 
with automation 
for Purple Cow

Purple Cow, a real estate agency in sunny Brisbane, were facing a convoluted sales process, scattered leads, and a manual nurture strategy. They turned to us to help automate their sales process, re-engage with their database, and maintain CRM hygiene. The result? The creation of a seamless appointment and re-engagement nurture with contact profiling features, along with a timely autoresponder.

The Team

Victoria Molin | Senior Account Manager

Gemma Lawrence | Senior Copywriter

Ryan Benniston | Senior Designer

Gyweneth Katigbak | Developer

What we did and why

With multiple CRMs and messy databases, featuring duplicate records and hard-to-understand naming conventions, Purple Cow faced significant challenges in communicating with their contacts in a personalised and engaging way. Our mission was to create a unified strategy to streamline their sales process and leverage automation to enable more personalised emails with their contacts. We created:

  • Appointment and re-engagement nurtures: We built two nurture streams to stay in contact with both existing and new contacts, which included profiling features to better understand their audience. This allowed us to segment leads to ultimately offer a tailored experience.
  • Unified appointment booking: We introduced a Calendly appointment booking page, directing leads to the right agent based on their 'estate of interest.' This not only simplified the process but also enhanced user experience.
  • Streamlined sales process: We automated their CRM sales stages to keep things organised, ensuring leads automatically transition to 'Discovery' when booking a discovery call. The baton is then handed over to Purple Cow's sales agents for the next steps.

Results to write home about


emails delivered


opened emails



Key objectives and outcomes

Streamlining processes a side, above all Purple Cow aimed to build trust and engage their audience at scale to maximise sales opportunities. Highlights of our approach included:

  • Value-packed emails featuring ebooks, rent calculators, and local insights as the main Call-To-Actions. A revamp of Purple Cow’s messaging approach enabled a more personal, genuine tone to capture audience interest and build a foundation of trust.
  • Automating key aspects of the sales process. From email responses to appointment bookings, we aimed to reduce manual efforts and enhance efficiency. We leveraged Calendly’s routing forms to set up an automated appointment and lead routing solution, directing leads to the right booking pages based on their estate preferences.
  • Profiling and segmenting the audience to enable more engaging communication. We strived to ensure a clean, enriched database of leads, even if they didn’t convert into immediate appointments. By tailoring content for buyers, sellers, and investors, we ensured a more relevant and engaging experience for each lead.

Channels and integration

We set up the email nurture campaigns in Active Campaign, and ensured a seamless integration with their Rex CRM and Calendly through Zapier. A strategic alignment that brought efficiency and cohesion to Purple Cow's digital marketing efforts.

Game-changing optimisations

During the planning and implementation stages of the nurture campaign, we wanted to maintain a strategic approach with our key objectives in mind, whilst also allowing a set up that would enable future optimisations down the line. Some of our early optimisations included:

  • A/B testing: We tested the power of personalisation with plain text emails directly from the managing director vs more branded email templates. Initial reports suggest a positive response, but continuous monitoring is key.
  • Content makeover: We ditched heavy marketing slogans for simpler, more relatable texts, fostering a personal connection with the audience.
  • Profiling page: The introduction of a profiling page helped segment the audience based on buyer personas, enriching Purple Cow’s database for future targeted campaigns.
  • Calendly routing forms: With 29 estates to choose from, automation via routing forms streamlined the appointment booking process, saving time and ensuring a smooth experience.
  • Dynamic content: Tailoring content for different lead types ensured a more personalised and engaging journey, increasing the chances of conversion.

A pivotal optimisation was the incorporation of an autoresponder in tandem with the appointment nurture. The criteria for entry into the autoresponder were website leads expressing an intent to sell within the next 3 months. This streamlined the capture of hot leads originating from website form fills, enabling prompt attention while nurturing warm and cold leads for the long term.

Results speak louder

At the time of writing, the appointment nurture has now been live for around 3 months, whereas the re-engagement nurture will be triggered for the first time after several months of inactivity. In the Purple Cow active Nurture Campaign, the “Appointment Nurture” witnessed an impressive engagement: 154,566 emails delivered, 38,411 opened, and 1,575 clicks. Moreover, 3 appointments have been successfully booked through Calendly to date, accompanied by 39 valuable profile updates.

Purple Cow’s journey to a streamlined, automated system marks a turning point in their digital marketing transformation journey. The results speak volumes — but their ongoing commitment to innovation promises a future where Purple Cow can continue to thrive in the competitive real estate landscape.

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