Boosting high-intent leads for a Melbourne luxury homebuilder

In the competitive landscape of luxury home building in Metro Melbourne, the team at Social Garden embarked on a mission to help luxury builders Marque Homes stand out and thrive in FY23. We understood that the client’s success hinged on their ability to quickly connect with new leads while maintaining lead quality.

Our task was crystal clear: maximise high-intent leads for Marque to give them their best return on investment.

The main challenges we needed to address were limited brand recognition, a small retargeting pool, and low branded search activity. What’s more, fierce competition and the tumultuous market conditions of FY23 meant advertising costs were on the rise, making it even more important to spend budget only on the most high-intent leads.

  • 67% increase
  • in branded search leads
  • 280% increase
  • in Meta retargeting leads
  • 677 leads
  • generated in FY23

The Team

Victoria Molin | Senior Account Manager

Santiago Garcia | Campaign Manager

Nicholas Failla | Copywriter

Claudia Thwaites | Designer

Max Schuler | Head of Call Centre

A holistic approach

To build a robust lead pipeline, we turned to our lead generation product, LeadTech. We executed a full-funnel advertising strategy, and initiated brand awareness campaigns across Google’s suite of channels — including YouTube, GDN, and Discovery (now changing to Demand Gen). The goal here is to increase high-intent branded search leads and website retargeting leads down the track.

By establishing a strong presence on Google Search and Meta (Facebook and Instagram), we capitalised on our brand awareness growth. We crafted highly targeted lead generation campaigns, designed to capture only the most promising leads for Marque.

Beyond that, understanding our leads inside and out was crucial. We directed all lead submissions to a secondary lead profiling page, gathering valuable data on their intent and product preferences. These insights provided Marque with more data points on the leads we generated, but also enabled us to create laser-focused campaigns with messaging that resonated with our audience.

Speed to call is key in lead conversion. We set up an outbound LeadConvert (call centre) campaign for Marque and committed to having our call centre connect with leads within 2 hours of their submission. By quickly calling the leads that came in from our advertising campaign and Marque’s website, we maximised the chance of connecting and converting new leads as they were generated.

During these calls, our agents engaged in relaxed conversations to understand the needs and hesitations of each lead they were speaking to. They filled in any missing data points, asking complementary questions about what the leads were looking for and when they intended to buy. We took this extra step to provide Marque’s sales team with tailored notes that would enhance their ability to close deals effectively.

The key outcome? Remarkable growth

Our strategies yielded impressive results in FY22:


increase in branded search leads (YoY)


increase in Meta retargeting leads (YoY)


profiling rate


call centre conversion rate

In year two of the campaign, launching the brand awareness campaign on YouTube, GDN, and Meta brought a substantial boost to branded Search and Meta retargeting campaigns. It also improved metrics such as frequency and conversion rate, addressing the challenges posed by limited audience size in the 
first year.

Through full-funnel advertising, data profiling, swift lead conversion, and continuous optimisation, we achieved substantial growth in high-intent leads and campaign performance based on metrics such as profile rate and call centre conversion rate.

Continuous optimisations make all the difference

Our journey with Marque was marked by constant refinement:

  • Rigorous testing: We conducted over 52 retargeting and prospecting audience tests, developed 30 Meta ads, identified 84 high-intent keywords, and crafted 12 YouTube/GDN ads. This data provided insights for data-driven decisions.
  • Enhanced lead capture: We introduced a fresh lead capture page design, focusing on improved UX and advanced lead pre-qualification, including the addition of a build 
zone map.
  • Trust-building messaging: To address market trust issues, we added messaging about Marque’s ‘fixed-priced contracts‘ to ads and landing pages. Split test results confirmed the effectiveness of this messaging.
  • Streamlined appointments: We integrated appointment pages with the sales team’s calendar, resulting in increased appointment conversions, as our call centre agents could book appointments on behalf of the Marque sales team.

"It's been incredibly fulfilling to be part of a collaborative effort working with Marque, continuously testing, learning, and improving our strategies for lead generation. Witnessing the positive impact of our optimisations, and the progress we’ve made in the second year of running the campaign has been truly rewarding.”

— Victoria Molin
Senior Account Manager

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