How we converted 47.95% of connected leads using real-time appointment setting for Beachwood Homes

In a fast-paced housing market, timing is everything. For Beachwood Homes, a premier homebuilder in Melbourne’s south-east, the gap between a lead’s initial inquiry and their readiness to make a decision could be a matter of minutes, not hours. This is where our in-house, Melbourne-based call centre comes into play. Operating on a refreshingly tight timeframe, our team ensures that each lead — nearly 100 every month — is contacted, on average, within just 40 minutes. This accelerated outreach is aimed at seizing the moment of peak interest, and transforming curiosity into commitment while the prospective client is still in the ‘enquiring mindset.’

Our objective with a calling campaign like this is two-fold. First, we act as brand representatives, acquainting leads with Beachwood’s varied offerings, from display homes to product mixes. This not only helps in raising product demand but also instills a sense of brand reliability. Secondly, we function as the first port of call for guiding leads through their decision-making process, effectively acting as a filter that allows Beachwood’s sales consultants to focus solely on the leads that are warmed up and ready to talk business. By doing so, we pave the way for the next crucial step: booking an appointment, thereby taking one step closer to a sale. In short, our call centre operation speeds up the time between a prospective homebuyer and their dream home.

  • 47.95%
  • of connected leads booked sales appointments
  • 2,570
  • total outbound calls
  • 257
  • total lead appointments booked


The Team

Victoria Molin | Senior Account Manager

Max Schuler | Head of Call Centre

Gabriel Mingorance | Head of Data & Integrations

Sam Gossage | Head of Marketing Automation

Integrating calling with the client CRM

The first and foremost challenge Beachwood Homes faced was the timely engagement of leads. This is always difficult for busy internal teams to achieve, especially when you also consider lead qualification. Beachwood didn’t just want to connect with leads; they wanted to connect with the right leads. This is where our LeadConvert call centre stepped in; trained to act as brand representatives, our team was well-versed in Beachwood’s offerings, from advising on display homes to different product mixes. This ensured that when we guided a lead or booked an appointment, it was a step in the right direction.

We employed a multi-tiered strategy for this calling campaign. Our first move was to develop a robust calling framework that would guide the process from the get-go. Then, we established logic for lead routing, creating an efficient pathway from initial capture to the client’s CRM system. We also integrated Calendly event types directly into Beachwood sales agents’ calendars. This innovative approach allowed us to book appointments in real time, further reducing the time between initial inquiry and 
active engagement.

Pre-qualification for hot leads, always

We sourced leads primarily through Google Search and Meta, targeting different audience profiles such as those interested in knock-down rebuilds, first home buyers, upsizers, investors, and downsizers.

The aim here was to prequalify and segment these leads so that only the ‘hot’ leads, or those most likely to convert, would reach Beachwood’s consultants. Any leads not yet ready for this step were funnelled into a nurture program, ensuring no potential customers fell through the cracks. We developed two nurture streams: a profiling nurture that ensured maximum data enrichment on all leads, with the other welcome nurture providing a positive and informative customer experience via email for every new lead. This provided every opportunity for all leads added to the CRM to book an appointment with the sales team.

By employing this meticulously designed system, we expedited and enriched Beachwood Homes’ sales process.

Real-time appointment setting

One of the standout optimisations in this campaign was the integration of Calendly for appointment setting — a first for us in this context. The real-time view into Beachwood agents’ availability allowed our call centre team to effortlessly suggest appointment times while actively engaged on a call with leads. This has significantly contributed to an impressive lead-to-appointment rate.

Beachwood’s sales agents found this feature invaluable; it not only streamlined the appointment-booking process but also eliminated the need for time-consuming follow-ups, since they received instant calendar updates along with context notes. It also offered great flexibility — appointments could be set for phone calls, Zoom meetings, or in-display consultations, which is an array of options that are typically not available in other campaigns.

For the first time, we also implemented automated agent assignment based on Beachwood’s preferences. This resulted in a fair and effective distribution of leads to the most relevant agents. We maintained the flexibility to manually reassign leads and kept full visibility into lead ownership via Beachwood’s CRM. Both of these innovations drastically reduced administrative burdens and increased conversion success.

“Having the freedom to test these new methods of conversion with the Beachwood team has been really rewarding. The Calendly integration in particular was so valuable for all parties involved, and the automated agent assignment made the process much cleaner across the board.”

— Max Schuler
Head of Call Centre

Results to write home about


of connected leads converted to a sales appointment (this is HUGE)


total managed leads


total lead 
appointments booked


total outbound calls

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