Increasing enquiries by 400% for a state-of-the-art commercial development on the Gold Coast

In the dynamic landscape of commercial real estate on the Gold Coast, 
Harcourts Coastal Commercial has continued to stand as a prominent player, particularly specialising in the sale of the architectural gem, Bedros On Bailey.

This bespoke commercial project, located in the heart of Southport, boasts 38 state-of-the-art units. Launched in October 2022, the venture faced a challenge familiar to many in the industry — converting leads into sales. With 25 units still on the market, the need for a strategic digital marketing campaign became more important than ever. So, how did we help?

  • 400% increase
  • in lead enquiry
  • 9.58% conversion rate
  • in the first month
  • 65% profiling rate
  • for leads in the first month

The Team

Georgie Millard | Account Manager

Claudia Thwaites | Designer

Serena Yong | Campaign Executive

Nicholas Failla | Copywriter

Developing a robust marketing approach

Following the initial launch, the Harcourts Coastal Commercial team found that their previous marketing efforts were falling short. Advertising for commercial real estate, after all, is a different beast to retail.

With roughly 3 to 4 enquiries per week over a six-month period, it was clear there was a need for a more robust marketing approach. Their primary objective was clear: to generate a substantial number of qualified prospects, ultimately resulting in a targeted average of 4 sales per month.

That’s where we stepped in! For our lead generation campaign, we proposed a method centred on building a database of high-intent, ready-to-purchase leads.

This strategy would leverage the price point in advertising, with the aim to pre-qualify owner occupiers and investors, and would also push a timely ‘Construction has commenced’ messaging.

It’s all about conversion

To achieve Harcourts’ goals, we adopted our signature multi-channel approach, utilising paid advertising on both Meta and Search platforms. A conversion-based landing page was designed to optimise lead conversion, drawing on the property’s key selling features, competitive price point, and attractive imagery.

A non-negotiable was to capture additional profiling data about these prospects; this helps us to gain a deeper understanding of our audience, and to further help with our messaging and targeting strategy later down the track. From a sales agent perspective, we also knew this data would be extremely helpful when it came to personalising their prospects’ experience.

The messaging strategically highlighted the commencement of construction, not only to create a sense of urgency but also to establish trust and legitimacy in a market where project delays were prevalent due to supply shortages. In conjunction with this, we ensured to effectively communicate the versatility and flexibility of these spaces, to set ourselves apart from competitors.

On Meta, we built a prospecting audience to later create custom lookalike audiences. Simultaneously, on Search, the focus shifted towards branded search terms with specific location parameters, targeting the Gold Coast region between Hope Island and Broadbeach.

So, how did we do?

These results were even stronger than we anticipated!

From the launch of the revamped campaign in November, we achieved a staggering 400% increase in leads, generating an average of 20 high-quality prospects per week.

This strategy of combining price-point emphasis, targeted advertising, and construction messaging proved instrumental in capturing the attention of the right audience.


increase in leads


conversion rate


profiling rate

What does the client think?

"We are absolutely thrilled with the outstanding results delivered by Social Garden. In just a month since the launch of our revamped campaign, we've witnessed a remarkable surge in both the quantity and frequency of high-quality leads. The campaigns executed by Social Garden not only prove to be highly effective but also boast an impressive aesthetic appeal. With this success, we eagerly anticipate the start of our next campaign with them."

— Hudson Kaddatz | Harcourts Coastal Commercial

"It’s been an absolute pleasure to watch the response that this campaign has received in such a short period of time. I have no doubt that the results are going to continue to soar and reach new heights in the commercial landscape.  By leveraging the power of targeted advertising, emphasising key project attributes, and adopting a data-driven strategy, the results have exceeded Harcourts’ expectations, positioning Bedros on Bailey as an undeniable success in the competitive Gold Coast real estate market."

— Georgie Millard
| Account Manager

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