How to Attract High Quality Leads

Asking yourself, how can I attract good quality leads? Well, you’re asking the right question. It’s important to seek out high quality leads to maximise your campaign and your budget.

In this blog we’ll share our top tips to help you attract the right leads, who are more likely to convert to sales and deliver ROI for your business.

1. Refine your target market

Utilise your first party and third party data to refine your target market and your audiences. This is a constant process that will help you to uncover current trends and tap into new prospecting audiences. Place tracking pixels on your website to see what kind of users are visiting your homepage. You can then retarget these audiences with specific ad sets or even build look-a-like audiences off the back of this.

When pixels are implemented properly, they can help to optimise your digital ad campaigns and overall website strategy. They will also increase your online conversion rate and help build multiple audiences.

2. Capture key intent markers

Talk to your wider team and loop in your sales team to ask the question, which key traits make a lead hot or qualify a lead as high intent? You want to compile qualitative data that reveals the complexities and richness of your leads. In the property industry knowing if a lead has titled land or the region where they wish to build is valuable. Build this data capture into your campaign and ask questions that are going to help you identify the buying stage, timeframe to purchase and so on.

3. Conversion rate optimisation (CRO)

There are multiple factors that affect the conversion rate of a page. Taking a step back and regularly auditing your website or landing page is the first step to good CRO practices. By using heat mapping tools you can draw informed conclusions about the UX and UI, find recurring issues, page errors and even identify obstacles in the content flow. The list goes on! The following is a mini example of some key findings after a CRO audit and some key considerations that may follow:

Key findings:

  1. 80% of conversions came from interactions on mobile devices
  2. 18.6 seconds on average is spent trying to find the home design section
  3. 24.2% of page visitors did not interact with form
  4. 25% of form submissions failed on average

Actionable considerations:

  1. This finding should prompt you to design mobile-first
  2. Consider adding shortcut onto homepage or enlarging the menu
  3. Test a different call to action message or button placement
  4. Troubleshoot form submission errors with your development team

It is crucial to constantly audit, monitor, test and track your website or landing page conversion rates. Develop a clear roadmap for testing and optimisations. This should be an ongoing process, which will allow your conversion rates to soar.

4. Profile your audience for personalisation

Profiling data is extremely important as it allows you to get to know your audience on a deeper level, not only who they are but where they are in their journey and what motivates them. Profiling data also allows you to provide personalised communications. We recommend asking for additional information via lead nurturing, a call centre or your sales team.

5. Flexible communication options

Choosing the right communication channels and options to suit your leads is a great way to increase customer satisfaction. Let leads engage with you in the best way that suits them and their needs. This can be via phone, zoom, face-to-face, online chat, email, sms and or via different platforms e.g. Facebook or Instagram.

This in turn provides them with a seamless experience based on the platform and device that they are using. Being flexible with your communication options can reduce friction as you communicate with leads at the right time and via the right channel. Whether it’s on a social ad, email nurture, mobile notification, chatbot or a face-to-face chat with your sales consultant, the consumer is empowered to interact with you in a way that feels natural.

The result? Leads will be more responsive and want to communicate and interact with your business.

Key takeaways to increase your lead quality

Maximise your campaigns and your budget by following the simple yet actionable tips above to attract high quality leads. If you need help or want to discuss the solutions that are right for your business, get in touch with us at Social Garden.

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