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“We wouldn’t have won the AMI Marketing Team of the Year Award without your help.” Maximising the personalisation capabilities of Marketo.


Established student databases capture information from open days and school visits, to website enquiries and search. But when you’re gathering personal data from online and offline channels, how can you standardise that data to determine intent, motivation and journey stage?

Re-engaging high school leavers individually and at scale

We experimented with two bespoke engagement tools of varying complexity. Both would ultimately deliver an engaging experience and capture the information required to segment audiences into relevant nurture streams by year level, forming the basis for dynamic content by persona.

Tracking every interaction in Marketo

Curtin University selected our engagement tool program, where prospective students received an email about getting ahead with their career and steps to succeed in their studies. The email content encouraged recipients to click on the Find Your Curtin Match call-to-action through to a Marketo landing page.

What did this mean for Curtin University? Contacts became trackable in Marketo, so their marketing team could start collecting meaningful browsing behaviour like the number of times a contact visited their website and to which specific course pages.

Moving from persona to personalisation

The landing page collected information in a survey, prompting students to indicate their study habits, future goals and preferences. This then allowed them to be profiled into a particular persona and formed the foundation for personalisation. Our scoring model determined four key persona types:

  • High Achievers
  • Explorers
  • Late Bloomers
  • Science Buffs

To take this to the next level, 20 student ambassadors were interviewed and grouped. Our growth team selected the best candidate per persona and repurposed their interview answers into digital content through a pillar approach. The content was delivered to prospects who completed the survey, giving them a personal profile match with genuine student advice – direct to their inbox.


Marketing automation

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Digital strategy

Customer experience

Curtin’s use of Marketo, innovative approach to personalisation and impressive enrolment results off the back of this saw them awarded Marketing Team of the Year by the Australian Marketing Institute in October 2017.

Applying these lessons to your own strategies

Know your prospects

Profiling facilitates a higher level of personalisation and is valuable for future communications

Create micro content

Real candidate responses can be repurposed into genuine, relatable digital content

Focus on your tech

Look to maximise the capabilities of your existing tech stack, you don’t always need an overhaul



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