Enhancing Curtin University’s admissions process through automated email campaigns and smart integration

Curtin University

In this case study, we examine the collaboration between our team and Curtin University to improve their admissions process through the implementation of automated email campaigns.

The aim was to prompt applicants to complete their applications, take necessary actions, and accept their offers when eligible and to address previous manual processes involved multiple platforms, leading to inefficiencies and confusion among applicants.

To address this, we developed automated workflows in Marketo for both domestic and international applicants, covering various stages of the application process. Additionally, we revamped and developed email templates to ensure consistency with the university's brand guidelines.

  • 60%
  • Of all acceped offers influenced by this program.
  • 34%
  • Strong click rate.
  • 80%
  • High email open rate.

The Team

Rosie Brown | Account Manager

MCoy Aguirre | Project Manager

Sam Gossage, Owen Taffinder, Frances Lim | Strategy, Email/Campaign Development

Camille Tabagan | Email Template Development

Gemma Lawrence | Senior Copywriter

Chris Laver | QA

What were the challenges?

Curtin University faced challenges in optimising their Marketo nurtures to align with the apply-to-admit process and required external expertise for guidance on Marketo configuration, campaign alignment, and marketing automation strategies.

Multiple tools were being used to communicate with applicants across the apply-to-admit process. A lack of integration between systems required manual processes and made it difficult to personalise applicant comms based on real time activity.

The client also sought support in integrating key systems across offer management, CRM and marketing automation. This required process documentation, and ensuring the successful and timely completion of project deliverables.

Our Strategy

Our approach included mapping out the admissions journey using LucidChart, outlining business and Marketo logic, building campaigns incrementally, designing and developing email templates, and conducting user acceptance testing (UAT) sessions. Marketo was the main marketing automation platform used, integrated with CiA, the client's CRM tool.

Key optimisations in this campaign included leveraging Marketo's webhook API as a connector between CiA and Marketo, revising email copy for clarity and urgency, and utilising Marketo personalisation features such as tokens, Velocity scripting, and segmentation-based dynamic content.

These optimisations aimed to enhance user experience and ensure that the campaigns met the client's specifications with utmost quality.

Our Strategy
How did we address these challenges?

How did we address these challenges?

To address this, we developed automated workflows in Marketo for both domestic and international applicants, covering various stages of the application process, including application submission, offer conversion, and reminders for offer deadlines. We also revamped and developed email templates to align with the brand guidelines.

The key objective of this project was to increase the number of submitted applications and accepted offers by delivering personalised and timely email communications. By automating the campaign logic based on application and offer status, we aimed to improve the user experience and streamline processes for Curtin's staff.

This automation also aimed to enhance applicant engagement and conversion rates through personalised journeys, reduce response time SLAs, and provide comprehensive reporting for staff workload allocation.

So, what did success look like?

  • Development of automated workflows
    We implemented automated workflows in Marketo for domestic and international applicants, reducing un-submitted applications and increasing acceptance rates.
  • Enhanced email communication
    Revamped email templates aligned with Curtin University's brand, ensuring timely and personalised communications during the application process.
  • A streamlined process for Curtin staff
    Automation improved staff efficiencies and reduced response time SLAs by simplifying campaign logic based on application status.
  • Increased engagement and conversion rates
    The personalised journeys created through automation enhanced applicant engagement and conversion rates.
  • Implemented key optimisations
    We utilised Marketo's webhook API, revised email copy, and leveraged personalisation features to optimise campaign effectiveness.

Accept your Curtin Offer now
Sue JoubertSolutions Design Lead, Curtin University

The Student Garden team were an integral part of our project. The key resources from SG embraced this experience and were valued project members. Their willingness to respond to requests, changes and queries promptly and often pro-actively, whilst delivering high quality outcomes which contributed to the overall success of the project. Success of the project meant something to the team and they were a delight to work with.

—Sue Joubert
Solutions Design Lead, Curtin University

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