Unlocking youth engagement with TikTok for genU Training

Unlocking youth engagement

In January 2023, we embarked on a digital marketing journey with genU Training, aiming to boost applications for their diverse range of courses.

A standout offering from genU Training is the Virtual Work Readiness program, designed to assist job seekers by equipping them with essential skills such as effective interviewing techniques and résumé writing.

This partnership was to run a digital marketing campaign in order to get applications across genU Training courses and inform audiences on the program using TikTok.

  • $1
  • Cost per complete view
  • 88
  • Leads from an untapped demographic
  • 274,000
  • Users reached on TikTok

The Team

Chamalee Karunanayake | Account Director

Sasa Atienza | Customer Success Lead

Georgia Worswick | Campaign Director

Darcy Keely | Senior Marketing Strategist

Tapping into TikTok

Our primary goal was to captivate a younger audience by leveraging TikTok, a platform where this demographic is highly active.

This campaign also served as a pilot to explore the potential of TikTok in genU Training's marketing strategy. We produced three engaging videos in collaboration with genU Training staff to achieve this objective.

Tapping into TikTok
Study for Greatness

Strategy for Greatness

To ensure the campaign's success, we focused on creating content that would resonate with the target audience, encouraging them to either seek more information, share the opportunity with peers, or consider the courses for future reference.

A crucial element of our strategy was the development of a landing page, enabling leads to submit their details for follow-up by genU Training, thus optimising the conversion process.

A key factor in the campaign's success was its structured approach, which included separate landing pages and dedicated ads for both prospecting and retargeting purposes.

This setup allowed for flexibility in budget allocation and targeted promotion during key intake periods.

Additionally, the integration of real-time qualifying data from the calling campaign provided valuable insights, enabling us to refine targeting and messaging strategies.

So, how did we do?

The campaign achieved impressive results, with a cost per complete view of just $1 and the creation of a warm audience of over 10,000 users for the Virtual Work Readiness program.

We generated 88 leads from a demographic previously untapped by the client, and nearly 10% of the 274,000 users reached watched the video to at least 50%, thereby enhancing genU's overall brand consideration.

Campaign results
Darcy Keely

"Working closely with genU Training to produce video content has been an incredibly rewarding experience. Their team's collaborative spirit and clear vision made every step of the process seamless and enjoyable."

— Darcy Keely

Senior Marketing Strategist

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