Capturing real student experiences to revitalise the digital presence of Monash Online

One of the best ways to connect with students is to align your tone of voice with their own. Students want to know that you understand their needs and emotions, and that you care about their problems and goals. To this end, we partnered with Monash Online to create a series of videos and blogs that would give prospective students genuine insight into the courses - the challenges, the flexibility and the experience you could gain through teachers.

Student engagement posed a key challenge throughout this project. With the courses delivered online, many students worked full-time with busy schedules. We combated this with an open, organised approach, building trust so that everyone knew what was happening on the day. The more rapport you can build with talent, the more comfortable everyone feels and the better content you can capture and create.

  • 18
  • High-resolution videos produced and delivered
  • 36
  • Blogs to be delivered
  • 36
  • Student testimonials delivered

The Team

Kiera Eardley | Copywriter

Marinel Kalalo | Copywriter

Holly Deakin | Account Manager

Darcy Keely | Senior Digital Marketing Strategist

Gemma Lawrence | Senior Copywriter

Lauren Lucas | Social Media Manager

Madison Marshall | Motion Designer

Pulling back the curtin on Monash Online

At the heart of our partnership was an understanding that prospective students aren’t just seeking information, but also a sense of belonging. Leveraging a strategic mix of blog content, high-resolution video storytelling and compelling testimonials, we aimed to craft a narrative that would:

1. Shed light on the Monash Online experience

2. Engage prospective students considering studying online

We sought to reassure prospects that Monash Online students are supported and valued, dispelling the negative perceptions of studying online. The content we captured offered a genuine, unfiltered look through the eyes of current students; the hardships they faced, what they wished they’d known beforehand and their advice for future students.

Crafting an authentic narrative

So, how did we do it?

1. Recognising the importance of real student experiences in the decision-making process of prospective students, we gathered insights directly from current students through surveys.

2. These insights and testimonials were the cornerstone of our content creation process for the high-resolution videos and blogs implemented across the website.

3. The choice to focus on the website as the primary channel aimed to strengthen Monash Online's digital presence as a foundation for future expansion onto platforms like LinkedIn.

Put simply, our goal was to ensure that every prospective student visiting the Monash Online website could see a reflection of their potential journey and feel a sense of confidence in their decision to pursue online education.

A new standard in education marketing

High-resolution videos showcased the vibrant community and the transformative educational experiences of Monash Online, while blog posts enriched with real testimonials provided depth and unparalleled insight into the courses offered. 

By addressing the challenge of digital engagement with a strategy centered around authenticity and connection, we met Monash Online's immediate needs and laid the foundation for sustained growth and engagement in the future.

What did we deliver?

The content we created has become a cornerstone of the website's appeal, drawing in prospective students with its authenticity and helping them envision a future with Monash Online.

"I have a time-consuming full-time job, so I've loved being able to study at a time that suits me best — whether that’s after work, during my lunch break, or on weekends".

— Chloe Rozario

“Listening to peers who are completing degrees with other institutions has highlighted that this course is much more engaging and provides a lot more insight and understanding"

— Cassandra Southwell

"A qualification from a reputed educator such as Monash further improves my employment offerings. The quality of content and teaching is better than most other online or part-time post-graduate studies."

— Andrew Stedall

"I have been working with the team at Student Garden over the last 6 months on a project to capture student stories via video profiles, long form blogs and quotes. I can’t speak highly enough of Holly and the team, who are all incredibly professional and have made the entire process seamless. Holly is so organised, from coordinating filming locations and students to managing the blog production, she has ensured everything runs smoothly and with short turn around times. The team understood the assignment perfectly – every video produced has been engaging and showcases the student’s story in an authentic and relatable way, and every one has been approved by senior stakeholders with no changes – no mean feat! I look forward to continuing to work with Holly and team."

— Amanda Sever
Marketing Manager, Monash Online

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