How Social Garden delivered 4 sales in the first 2 months for an award winning home builder

The Challenge

An award-winning home builder have been delivering high quality homes in Melbourne’s South East for the last 25 years. They engaged Social Garden to build out a holistic digital marketing strategy to support their sales and marketing teams to drive commercial success for the business. The Social Garden team identified the need for a full funnel marketing strategy in order to build awareness for their brand, to generate quality leads for the sales team and to automate their marketing processes.

What channels did we implement?

• Google Suite (Search, GDN, Discovery, Youtube)
• Meta
• Email nurtures
• Lead routing
• Book-a-meeting process

Benefits of
full funnel strategy

In order to generate high quality leads for the client and to increase engagement
with the existing contacts in their CRM, here’s what we did;


Introduced a full-funnel digital marketing strategy, leveraging multiple channels and placements to increase the number of digital touchpoints and to drive high quality leads.


Utilised our Melbourne based call centre to convert leads to appointments and to pre-qualify the leads before passing them over to their sales consultants.


Helped their sales team implement Calendly to generate instant appointment bookings through the call center and automated communication touchpoints.


Segmented and personalized two email nurtures to drive lead profiling and appointment conversion, providing relevant content to the right audiences.


Conducted SEO audits and ongoing strategy to drive technical and content optimisations to the their website, to increase organic traffic and relevance.

By combining the digital marketing tools at our disposal, we were able to create an efficient sales
and marketing conversion engine.

How did we implement our strategies?

Our strategy was focused on increasing the awareness of their brand and delivering quality pipeline, sales-ready leads. Here’s how we went about it…

1. Performance Branding & LeadTech

The insights gathered from our campaign fuelled our experimentation. With more than 60% of leads completing their profile, we were able to paint a clearer picture for Frasers Property of their audience: including financial status, household structure, preferred land size and budget.

Through LeadTech we created a conversion optimized lead capture page to generate and SMS verify leads as well as gather initial information on the prospects’ intent. By aligning the best performing advertising and landing page messaging we provided a seamless and optimized experience for the prospect to drive performance. We followed this with progressive profiling, to capture multiple data points on each lead and ultimately arm the sales team with a wealth of data to personalize and support the sales journey.

2. LeadConvert

We leveraged the Social Garden call center to ensure we had a super speedy lead to call time, as we know that is the most effective way to move the needle in the lead to appointment conversion rate. We combined this with the implementation of Calendly to seamlessly and directly book appointments in with the appropriate sales consultants and support the customer with a smooth and helpful process, and best of all, any data collected was integrated instantly into the CRM.

3. Marketing Automation

We developed two nurture streams based on the segmentation of the leads. A profiling nurture enabled us to ensure maximum data enrichment on all leads, with the other Welcome nurture providing a positive and informative customer experience through email for every new lead added to the CRM – and providing every opportunity for these leads to book an appointment with the sales team. Utilising technically savvy round-robin lead routing automation.


The partnership between the client and Social Garden has been a success to date given appointment and sales results. After analyzing the campaign and profiling page insights we have identified an interest in custom floor plans and a need to lead with price in a price sensitive market. We introduced ‘customisable homes’ copy and creatives (on both ad and landing page) as well as more focus on promotions and offers to give the award winning home builder a competitive edge in a changing market.

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