Social Garden launches a student-led video content creation service for education providers

Australian education providers will be able to tap into talented content creators who resonate with their target market through a new video content creation service.

Australia’s leading student acquisition marketing agency, Social Garden has officially launched its own platform Student Garden to connect universities, TAFEs, RTOs and education businesses with student ambassadors.

The move is in response to key challenges faced by the sector in managing and producing authentic and localised user-generated content. Student Garden will reduce time spent on student ambassador programs often involving students who aren’t equipped to create campaign-ready content.

Social Garden CEO George Glover explains “culture has never moved faster than right now, which means it’s incredibly difficult to connect with students in a way that is meaningful and natural to them, especially natively inside social media platforms like Snapchat, Tiktok and others.”

This problem is exponentially more difficult for international student recruitment teams who compete across dozens of different markets, each with their own dialect, unique cultural trends and media platforms.

“Our clients tell us that it’s hard to keep up with the cultural trends of both Australian teens and students from other countries. Student Garden connects you with content creators who anticipate these shifts and are exposed to new concepts first because they live and breathe it.”

“As marketers we need to put down the pen and pick up the mirror so we can reflect the rapidly evolving cultural landscape as opposed to trying to replicate ‘what’s cool’ at the time, endlessly and awkwardly trying to stay relevant.”

Student Garden content creators are coached on how to film, edit and produce assets for social channels like Facebook and TikTok, websites and events.

George Glover believes that student-led content is the future of higher education marketing.

“Our user-generated content has converted at more than double that of branded content and reduced our clients’ cost per lead by 88%.”


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