Launching Student Garden & Melbourne Internship Program

We’ve split the Garden in two!

Yep, you read that correctly. The educational arm of Social Garden has put down their own roots as Student Garden. Don’t worry though, you’ll still receive the same quality of service and execution as always!

So why did we change?

Research rolling out of the COVID-19 global pandemic shows a significant impact on the education sector, with marketing departments having to reprioritise to engage future students on much smaller budgets, in an all new digital environment. It’s an interesting challenge in a changing landscape but we’ve been listening and preparing ourselves.

Moving into 2022, we now have a hyper specialised and edu-focused dream team of marketers and creatives, so it made a lot more sense for us to adapt in response to the market and split from Social Garden. This way we can prioritise our resources and pivot further into the student facing space.

What does Student Garden do?

Offering a unique blend of digital advertising, content creation, marketing automation, call-conversion, social media management and CRM integrations, all with students at the focus of everything we do – we introduce Student Garden to you.

We’ve grown over the past few years and our client base continues to expand. Did you know we’ve now worked with over 50% of universities across Australia? As well as many TAFEs and private RTOs! We’ve really gained momentum in this space and with the introduction of Student Garden we are excited to continue to roll full steam ahead.

Calling all interns! It takes a student to know a student

We want everything to be relevant to current and future students. We know, easier said than done… or is it?

To really understand prospective students we need to involve them in our work! We’ve developed an internship program to bring budding marketers along the journey and have a man of the ground for cultural shifts and trends.

During the internship program, aptly named our Sprout Program, students will work across three key departments within Student Garden and Social Garden to learn the ins and outs of digital marketing and agency life. Spanning 12 weeks, interns will spend 4 weeks in advertising, social media and content, and account management, getting paid for their time and learning from the best of the best (that’s us).

Melbourne internship program details:

  • What you can expect – 3 paid full days per week for 12 months in our Melbourne office
  • Learn from an epic team – Our offices are open and collaborative so you can rotate between departments
  • Immerse yourself in all things marketing – Get a taste for #agencylife with workshops and real client projects
  • We support your work – Our agency is built on a culture of empowerment, equality, inclusion and respect

You can apply to join our Sprout Program here.

In addition to our Sprout Program, Student Garden is engaging students to provide the final tick of approval and quality assurance on all content we produce in 2022 to ensure the creative assets we deliver stick the landing with our demographic.

This comes back to what we’re about at Student Garden – students are ingrained in every step of the process and are at the heart of our approach.

Plus, something special is growing too

Acronym alert! We’re also unveiling an exciting user-generated content (UGC) offering.

UGC is any form of digital content, such as images, videos, text, and audio, that has been created by users on social media channels.
 UGC allows marketers to build a deeper connection with their audience built on trust and relevant, authentic content that resonates.

After completing a survey of our education clients, 48% of respondents said they wished they could produce more video content. It’s incredibly hard to keep up with the cultural trends of both Australian teens and students from other countries, and generating authentic student content can be time-consuming and incredibly difficult to achieve.

The vision for our UGC product is simple. We link our clients with eager students, providing highly engaging and relevant content to drive conversions or brand awareness. We’ll be managing the talent acquisition, content creation, and feedback process. This means more engagement and less effort for you!

So remember—whether you need course, campus or country specific content, Student Garden can help you produce creative assets that are relevant to the market and language of your prospective students. Don’t spend time chasing culture shifts, let our ambassadors do it for you.

That’s all from us for now, but please get in touch if you’re interested in our UGC services or internship program.

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