Getting Property Leads On the Phone

Do you find yourself getting property leads but struggling to convert them into actual appointments with your sales team? Hear from our General Manager Nik Sproal as he interviews property expert Erica Sachse for tips on getting leads on the phone and into a sales appointment.

How do I get my property leads on the phone?

Speed to response

The less time elapsed between a lead enquiring and having a follow-up conversation, the higher your conversion rate will be — so it’s important to make sure you’ve got the right structures in place to keep that time to a minimum.

Erica: The “secret sauce”, so to speak, is speed to response and timeliness. We know for a fact that the quicker you can call them after they’ve enquired, the higher your conversion rate to an appointment is.

Nik: Simple. So, what do clients need to have in place to allow that to occur?

Erica: You need to have an infrastructure in place that allows a resource to follow up really quickly with those enquiries. So you absolutely don’t want to have just one salesperson dealing with that volume of leads, because you’re just not going to get to them. You want to get on to them quickly, because that’s when the prospect is thinking about you and you’re in their consideration set.

Tracking calls

It’s not just speed to response which maximises your chance of converting property leads. By keeping a thorough log of each call you make and its nature, you’ll be able to gather data to help optimise your call centre activity and make your sales processes more efficient.

Erica: Outside of timeliness, you want to make sure that you’re able to track the calls that you’re making, and looking at the time of day that the calls are being made. You can also collect profile data on your prospects to look at the relationship between the type of person and the time of day that they’re converting to an appointment or are being able to be contacted. That way, you can make more data-driven decisions about how to staff your call centre or when to actually reach out to a prospect that comes in.

Nik: So for example, you might figure out over time when the right time to call the first home buyer is compared to the upgrader or the investor?

Erica: Absolutely.

More than a phone call

While getting a prospect on the phone is a great way to open a direct line of communication, it’s not the be-all and end-all for converting leads. Each lead will be at a different phase of their customer journey, and there are other communication methods which might be better suited for them.

Erica: There’s a misconception that the phone call is the holy grail of communication with the prospect. But in reality, if they’re not answering the phone is doesn’t mean that they’re not interested — it might just mean that they’re not ready. There are other forms of communication that can be used in order to open up the dialogue but also respect their preferences. We can look at text messages, email, messenger…

Nik: It makes sense when you think about it; we don’t use just one channel to attract the lead, so why would you use just one channel to convert the lead?

Three key takeaways

Nik: So, our takeaways: timeliness is critical; you can use data to drive better decision-making to underpin better conversions; and don’t just rely on the phone as the holy grail of converting to appointments.

Lead conversion in practice

With nearly a decade of experience, we’ve learnt what works when it comes to converting leads in the property space. Timeliness, data-informed decisions, and a diverse network of communication channels with prospects is key in converting a volume of people.

Our call centre managed inbound calls and a live chat service for Adenbrook Homes, and found that having diverse communication channels was key in achieving a conversation-to-appointment rate of over 25%. You can read more about that campaign as a case study here.

Need a hand?

Here at Social Garden, you’re in safe hands in a tough market. Get in touch by filling out the form below — let’s chat about what we can achieve with your property leads.

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