PropTV Ep.4 Converting Leads Into Buyers

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Welcome to the Garden! I’m here today with Jake, and we’re talking about a nice problem to have, which is I’ve got to many leads, where can I find the buyers? Welcome Jake.


Yeah! Great problem to have. Unique to land markets through Melbourne and in Sydney at the moment. And it’s about utilising the time effectively so we don’t want to clog up the sales time, having the talk to everyone. So having some filters and barriers so we can start to identify the key prospects through that customer journey.


Ok! So when you talk about filters and barriers, it sounds like a negative thing but explain in a little more detail.


Yeah, exactly. So normally looking at like qualifying factors through enquiry, things like that, is having shorter forms so you can get that inquiry and start to drip them information. Where demand is really high, we can actually start more of their prospects in the earlier stage.

So asking things in multiple steps but still asking about their financial status, what size lots they are looking for, if they’ve spoken to builders, all those qualifying questions identify your prospects that are ready to go and which one’s still have some time under their belt.


So what you’re talking about there basically is intent, right?


Yeah, definitely. The level of intent and looking at how you can serve the right information to the right people. If they are on that pointy of that end of the sales of the funnel, talking about the stage releases, qualifying them for the right lot sizes and things.

Whereas the people who have a bit more time, is that you can start to look at the wider community, and get them ready to the stages that are going to follow.


Yeah! So basically, you are serving them up some of the awareness based stuff for the marketing qualified leads and for the most savvy people that have done their research, you can get to the nitty gritty.


Yeah, definitely. And then that next evolution, is really looking at moving away from that old fashion camp out, no one wants that like negative friction of having people on site but we love that level of demand. So moving that to a more customer friendly journey that removes that element of rejection or missing out

And having that process online, so like booking forms, same as all the things that we are doing for concert tickets and everything else that you see people doing trying to avoid those campouts, can be applied in the same way to the property industry as well.


Yeah! And obviously, intuitively you think about that and you I think, I don’t want to have any blockages in the way of people are coming through. But are you seeing buyers still responding to that well and still coming through the process?


Yeah, definitely. It’s not a solution you’re going to apply to every market and every offering, but where it is so hot in certain areas, utilising the sales team time to talk to the right people, having those appointments booked online in a clean process through the email comms and handover – and then you’re still having those qualifying calls and appointments after that to make sure they are definitely the right prospects, that just helps funnel them down in that early stage.

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