EduTv Ep.7 Application to Enrolment Conversions

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All universities and TAFEs ultimately strive to improve their application to enrolment conversion rate. Today we’re discussing a few ways on how you can do exactly this.


First things first is having a well designed application portal. So, making sure it’s mobile friendly and that your prospective students can get through it in a reasonable amount of time.


Yeah, I mean, we use heat mapping across lots of our landing pages. There’s no reason why universities and TAFEs can’t be replicating the same tracking models across the application portals as well and understanding where prospects are dropping off in the application funnel.


Absolutely! That’s just conversion rate optimisation basics, I love it.

The second thing is making sure that you’re communicating with your students once they have applied.

This can be done via emails. It can be also be done via text message and recently, we’ve seen some really good Facebook advertising campaigns that are reminding students to accept their offer.


Yeah. I mean if I am, I definitely want to receive an email straight away indicating that the university or the TAFE has received my application.

I would then recommend the university to follow up with that student maybe a week later and just let them know that you’re going through the applications and that they should hear from you with an offer within ‘x amount’ of timeframe.


Another good trick is to get your faculty involved. So faculty members, they know so much about their own faculty. They’re the best source of knowledge for any prospective students to just share their experiences and learn from.

Also students will often cite their first interaction with the faculty as a really big factor in the decision making process. I think it just sort of humanises everything and also it makes them more relatable. They can see who they’re going to be working closely with maybe over the next three years.

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