How to Connect Online & Offline Experiences

How to connect online and offline marketing experiences

Bridge the gap between online and offline with phone sales conversion. In this video, we cover the value of human touch in digital and how you can optimise your campaigns toward a click to call opt-in.

Brett de Leijer:

So we’ve been talking a lot recently about bridging the offline and online gap in digital marketing and why do you think that’s really important today?

Kaan Güde:

So we live in this world today, Brett, where everyone’s just so used to quick decisions and getting everything that they’re ready to buy online as soon as they want it. But that doesn’t change the fact that there are still a lot of high intent and high consideration purchases such as buying a new property or enrolling in a university degree that still have a large element of human touch involved.


And so what’s the sort of significance of trying to push these real conversations via phone?


So people are expecting an individualised service when they’re making such an important decision in their life and they want to be on the phone talking to someone, knowing that they’ve got not only support but the options available to them to get the right outcome.


So how’s the campaign team being optimising towards phone calls?


Yeah, so we’re looking at our campaigns on a day-to-day basis and ensuring that keywords that are further down the buying funnel, which have a higher intent, are being shown messages that either drive a click to call button or a higher call to action such as “call now” to get a personalised marketing experience and get the options that are right for you.


We’re also using third party call-tracking software, how are you using that to enrich the campaigns even further?


So in the campaign team, we’re taking information such as where the call came from, which channel, the duration and exactly what the person was looking for and using that to optimise our campaigns to not only drive leads but also to ensure that the calls are of high quality.


And while we’ve got the prospects on the phone, we can ask some additional questions and build out the data profile further. How is the campaign team using that information?


Yeah, so we’re taking this information to not only work out how we can deliver more leads that are similar to this but also improve the lead-to-sale rate for our clients.

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