3 Ways to Kick-Start your Remarketing Campaign

Making the Most out of Your Remarketing Campaign

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” This classic phrase could be the inspiration for all kinds of actions in life, but it is especially applicable for remarketing. Remarketing is based on targeting people who have already visited your website but left before converting a desired action, such as buying something or signing up for a special offer.

Not every company is familiar with the best practices involved with remarketing, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t attempt it as a strategy to find new business. If you don’t know much about remarketing, you may be wondering how to get started with it. Here are three of the top ways to kick-start your remarketing campaign and help you close the warm leads that aren’t quite ready to convert.

1. Focus Your Remarketing Campaigns

Simple marketing principles indicate that visitors to your website are looking to solve a problem. The particular nature of this problem can vary depending on the person. This is why you need to gather as much information as possible about who is visiting your site and what they are doing once they get there.

Google Analytics is very helpful for this task. Using this tool, you can see where your visitors are from, which pages they are viewing, and how long they are staying on your website. Even better, you can set parameters so that if a person visits a particular page, they will see a specific ad for remarketing.

Focusing your campaigns is one of the most important ways to kick-start your remarketing campaign. Without a clear understanding of what kinds of things your page visitors are interested in, it will be hard to determine which remarketing messages are the most effective for your business.

2. Explore Different Avenues

The great thing about remarketing online today is that there are several different ways to kick-start your remarketing campaign by using different types of channels to pursue people who have already visited your page but haven’t converted.

Many companies focus on remarketing with AdWords, and this is not a bad approach. AdWords is a very popular method for online advertising today, and it has some powerful features to help with remarketing. However, your organisation would be remiss to forget about other methods for remarketing. For example, you might send out an email to prospects that sign up for a newsletter but haven’t made a purchase and give them a special offer to entice them to buy. You can try a similar approach using social networks by sending out messages letting your fans or followers know about special offers that are only available to them, since they have shown interest in your offerings.

Christmas holiday deals

Photo: John Bradley, 2009 | CC BY SA

3. Take Advantage of Special Events

Sometimes when you are remarketing, or marketing in general, you have to get creative. There are few better times to engage in a remarketing campaign than when a holiday rolls around. From Christmas to Father’s Day to New Year’s, there are plenty of great occasions of the year when you can engage in remarketing to help close more prospects. When the holiday shopping season comes around, you could send out emails offering a special coupon that can only be redeemed during the days around the holiday.

You may also want to take advantage of the holidays by including specific information about how your company’s products or services make a great gift or can be especially useful for people during the holidays, when hectic schedules combined with the burden of shopping usually means stress levels are on the rise. Any steps that you can take to align your company’s offerings closely with the current holiday will help you as you consider ways to kick-start your remarketing campaign.


Remarketing is not always an easy task, especially for those organisations that have little to no experience. The challenge of remarketing is finding a way to get warm leads through the sales funnel after they have stalled. This can be difficult as almost every prospect has a different reason for waiting on making a purchasing decision. With some attention to detail and a careful focus on the particular needs of prospects that have already shown interest in what your business has to offer, you will find that remarketing becomes a valuable element of your toolbox that helps you bring in more satisfied customers and increase your sales revenue.

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