Optimising Toward the Lowest Cost Per Sale

Optimise toward the lowest cost per sale by integrating offline conversion data.


Video Transcript

Marina McManaway

Today, we’re going to chat about one of my favourite subjects and that’s integrating offline conversion data back into Facebook.

Michael Bird

Yeah, so over the past year we’ve been doing this with some of our clients where we’ll take their Salesforce CRM or Microsoft Dynamics, integrate that data flow from their other email addresses of all the sales that they’re making back into social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram and Messenger and others.

And the reason that we’re doing that is to identify and allow our campaigns to be optimised towards people that are actually going on to buy. The kind of big risk and the reason that people generate a lot of low quality leads via social is that they optimise either towards a click or optimise towards a lead.

The problem with that is that only around 20-30% of people actually click on ads, that’s what we call “the clickers” internally and so what happens is they end up just advertising towards this same set of clickers without actually focusing on serving more ads to the people that are going on to buy and driving real influence in the customer journey.


Yeah, awesome. And what’s great about being able to optimise towards the lowest cost per sale as opposed to the lowest cost per lead is that you’re able to kind of understand how different target audiences or creative variants actually affect the sale.


It’s a big step forward for anyone that’s kind of looking to do data driven advertising and the further through the sales process you can integrate that data, the better off you’ll be.


Yeah, awesome. Thank you.

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