Lead Generation Tips for Education Providers

lead generation opportunities for educational institutes

Students flock to the internet to gain more knowledge about different schools, colleges and universities, as well as check their previous academic records, evaluate the quality of the education offered, and make a decision accordingly.  

All those educational institutions that don’t have a strong online presence are likely to lose opportunities to convert compared to those who are present on all important web platforms. So, how can education institutions get more lead generation opportunities? Let’s find out.

1. Promote Your Website on Google and Other Search Engines

Many people believe that creating a website will help attract customers. However, if you create a website and sit idle in anticipation of a flurry of customers, hoping that they will come to you when they see your site, you are simply wasting your time. Keep in mind that students use Google and alternative search engines to find educational institutions. When students search for schools, courses, prospectuses, files, research documents etc. on the internet, search engine bots immediately dig up the matching results and show them in their SERPs. If an educational website ranks in top search results of Google, it shows the quality and usability of that website for the end user.  

Therefore, you must optimise your website for different search engines (giving more priority to Google as it is used by 92% of all people) with onsite and offsite SEO strategies. A well-optimised website with the important keywords and terms searched by students always ranks well in all leading search engines .

2. Creating the Perfect Landing Pages for Education Institutes

Landing pages for educational institutions need to have a strong message that persuades potential students. On your landing page, you should also include an offer that helps prospects learn more about your particular school and why it is the best choice for them. You may consider incorporating a case study that includes details about your institution and why it is the best place for someone looking to pursue further education. Another good tip for your landing page if you want to include pictures is to make sure that they depict images of students or your campus. These additions will help visitors get better acquainted with the benefits of attending your institution.

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3. Social Media Marketing For Educational Institutes

For educational institutions that are looking to increase the visibility of their Web presence, social media is critical. Social media marketing will help your educational institution connect directly with prospective students. You must make sure that your social media page shares information that potential students would enjoy reading about.

You can also take advantage of social media marketing to address the questions or concerns that potential students have, which will improve your standing with them and make your institution more relatable. Some schools may choose to hold time-specific social media sessions that allow potential students to ask questions of faculty members or school administrators. These events are especially common during the times when students are most likely to enrol at a school.

4. Capitalise On The Potential Of Content Marketing

When considering content marketing for an educational institution, it is especially important that your content adds value to the browsing experience of your page visitors. You can incorporate many different types of content for marketing benefits on your page so that you will be able to attract attention from prospective students.

For example, you may add content that covers the value of further education for securing a good job. You can also include content that refers to the advantages that students of your particular institution will reap from attending your school.

It is also important not to forget about what your institution has done in its field. Many schools publish papers or research studies in a variety of areas, which helps increase their prominence. If your institution has done any work of this type, make sure that you make mention of it on your website so that you can benefit from it from a marketing perspective as well.

5. Google Ads For Educational Institutions

Google Ads is a very valuable tool for those responsible for higher education marketing. To get more ROI on your Adwords campaign as a higher education institution, you need to make sure that your campaign is centered on specific keywords that relate to your school. For example, you may want to include geographic words or other phrases that indicate what kind of learning you offer for students of your institution. Also make sure that you consistently research to find out which keywords are the most commonly searched as they relate to your school, so that you can more effectively bid on the right ads.

6. Lead Generation for Education Institutes through Remarketing

For schools looking to pursue prospects who have shown interest, but have not yet completed any specific action to enrol, remarketing is extremely important. Educational institutions must make sure that their remarketing engages prospects the right way, based on what kind of interest in the school they have shown.

For example, if a visitor to your website has shown interest in a particular department or academic program that you offer, you will want to focus your remarketing efforts around that specific program. This will help you improve the conversion rate of your remarketing efforts, which will also bring you more leads.


Higher education institutions provide a valuable service for their students by helping them gain the skills necessary to achieve success in the workforce. However, in today’s competitive economy, students are scrutinising potential colleges more closely than ever before. With these tips, you will be able to improve your lead generation efforts so that you can find more students to enrol in your program.

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