The Student Journey: Where Did It Start?

Video Transcript

Jack Quartermain

So I started thinking about what I was going to apply for, life beyond school, maybe at the end of year 11, but definitely heading into year 12, as everything was starting to get a bit more serious.

Tim Newton

So I probably started thinking about what I wanted to do for Uni probably halfway through year 12, I was never like clearly set for a particular thing, so like seeing careers, councils at school, so that’s what I think started halfway year 12 to decide what I wanted.

Kane Fitzgerald

I started thinking about tertiary education maybe, I think it was two years after I completed my high school study. I’ve been a laborer for quite some time, it’s my first job out of school and then I thought it’s time to do something different, maybe use my brain a little bit more.


There’s a lot talk about it at school and my friends are getting involved and teachers are encouraging us and parents but I suppose the end of year 11 and towards the middle of year 12, I started thinking about everything more a bit seriously.


Nothing particularly prompted it, it was just timing of it, like I had to make a decision, I have to put down my preferences so I just knew that I had to start getting into deciding what I wanted to do.

Molly Steel

I just wanted to go to university and I just like the lifestyle, the process, the lectures and things like that.


If you’re not certain, take time to actually realise what you want to do, like go and experience things because unless you know what you want to do and like you’ve been set on that for awhile then I was a bit tossing and turning that’s why I left it so late, probably, but if you’re not certain just take your time, find out what you really want to do because you may live to regret it.

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