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As you’ve been scrolling through your Facebook Newsfeed in recent months, you’ve no doubt noticed the increased presence of video content. You’ll see it shared by your friends and the pages you follow, as well as through targeted marketing efforts. What you may not know, however, is how effective video can be as a tool for generating leads and converting sales. You can now boost your conversion rate with video marketing on Facebook, but you’ll need a few basics before getting started.

What’s the latest with video marketing on Facebook?

It’s hard to miss the videos you’re seeing on the Newsfeed. They may be silent, but they’re playing as soon as you scroll down and they no doubt capture your interest. They might even inspire you to click, so you can view the content in a larger view and hear the sound. Facebook began testing the concept in late 2013 and it’s proven to be an effective channel for engaging viewers.

How do I approach creating video ads for the Newsfeed?

Without getting into the details of video production, it’s still essential to plan your approach for Facebook video marketing. You’ll need to establish your goals and figure out a strategy for your video content, such as a product demonstrations, customer testimonials or day in the life segments. It’s best to start small and determine what’s successful before you spend time and money producing a series of 10 videos.

Video editing. Photo credit: Ollie Hosier's BTEC Media Blog

Video editing. Photo credit: Ollie Hosier’s BTEC Media Blog

Will video ads make me better at storytelling?

There can be no doubt that more-effective storytelling will boost your conversion rate with video marketing on Facebook. You probably already know how powerful video is in drawing in your potential customers and creating a personal connection with your company. The combination of sight, sound and motion is very appealing to your prospects. Many cannot resist clicking to experience the full content, even if they’re not in the buying stages quite yet. At the same time, the video marketing tool won’t annoy and alienate users because they can scroll down without being forced to view the ad. This is a primary reason more and more companies are choosing Facebook video marketing over YouTube.

Why is consistency important with video marketing?

Consistency in presenting your brand is critical with any marketing strategy you use, not just video. However, it’s an essential piece when you’re trying to boost your conversion rate with video marketing on Facebook. There are many ways your message can be distorted through a number of shares, especially when it’s being transmitted across multiple sites in addition to the Facebook platform.

Browsing Facebook on mobile

Browsing Facebook on mobile.

What are some other reasons I should use video marketing to boost my conversion rate?

Some additional reasons behind turning to Facebook video as a marketing tool are simple numbers. This social media site handles the second highest amount of traffic globally, with more than 500 million active users and more joining daily. The number of mobile users accessing the Facebook app is increasing as well.

From a referral standpoint, Facebook is the second most common source for video content. This isn’t surprising when you consider that many Internet users spend more time interacting on social media than surfing on Google. Ease of use is another consideration when looking to implement video marketing on Facebook, as multiple format types enable a high level of versatility.

What are the best case scenario possibilities to be gained from Facebook video marketing?

While there’s no guarantee in online marketing, you’re likely to experience an initial boost from a Facebook video campaign right away. Engagement and conversion tend to be quite high if you conclude your video by telling your viewers exactly what to do with a strong call to action. You can even embed graphics and hot buttons that will enable them to click directly through to your site rather than watch the video in its entirety. Perhaps the most effective element of these videos is that they can put a face on your company, which is especially valuable in establishing trust.

Once you’re able to boost your conversion rate with video marketing on Facebook, you’ve mastered a powerful tool that will help you turn leads into customers and improve your bottom line. Of course, it takes some practice and skill to use videos effectively; many companies turn to outside help for assistance with creating videos and implementing tools that aid in distribution. Whichever option you choose, now is the time to make video marketing on the Facebook Newsfeed a component of your social media strategy.

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