JG King Homes

Marketing Automation / Marketo Customer Experience

Create a seamless and integrated sales experience for JG King Homes.

JG King Homes continue an innovative partnership with Social Garden, embracing Marketing Automation to nurture leads as they progress through the sales funnel.


  • Marketo nurture strategy & execution of video content


June 2018 - March 2019

Boost Efficiency

Increase automated communications to the JG King Homes database

Smooth Handover

Execute lead scoring, optimise Salesforce & implement sales alert strategy to bridge marketing and sales

Strong Conversion

Create a seamless and integrated online and offline sales experience to increase lead velocity and reduce fallovers

“From the initial workshop through to the execution of the video content to support the nurtures, it was essential for all stakeholders to have a customer-first mindset – understanding the job to be done at every stage of the consumer’s decision making process.”

- Danielle Skittrall, Account Director

Video content created to de-mystify the new home build process

Content tailored to each customer segment

Our approach

The Social Garden team, led by Account Director, Danielle Skittrall and Head of Marketing Automation Strategy, Cat Hand, created a plan leveraging Marketo to nurture the JG King Database.


  • Reinforce brand USPs of JG King Homes through regular communication as prospects progress through their purchase journey
  • Segment buyer persona content to deliver personalised products and content based on Salesforce data


  • Lead Scoring in Marketo to track demographic, intent and behavioural data of leads as they progress through nurtures
  • Sales Alerts strategy to increase visibility and velocity of high intent/hot prospects
  • Marketo Insights within Salesforce give consultants visibility on high scoring leads and actions taken


  • Create purpose-built video and blog content to de-mystify and support the sales process by delivering persona-based testimonial content
  • Appointment booking functionality directs prospects immediately to SG Call Concierge to qualify and book appointments

Marketo Nurture Methodology


Social Garden facilitated an audience & persona mapping workshop with key stakeholders across the business


A customer experience and content mapping strategy was developed by Social Garden in line with JG King’s Salesforce instance



Email templates and content were created by Social Garden with touchpoints segmented by buyer type and Salesforce stage


The integration of sales alerts and appointment bookings with Social Garden’s Call Concierge team ensured the seamless handover

“Through our partnership with Social Garden we have implemented and fully leveraged marketing automation through Marketo. This allows us to deliver a first class online customer experience that’s personalised to our customer based on stage in their purchase journey and by buyer type, improving efficiencies across both our sales and marketing teams. It’s just one element of the holistic lead generation and nurture strategy executed by Social Garden to improve conversion through our sales funnel.”

— Jessica Goegan, Marketing Manager JG King Homes

Results & insights snapshot

Created efficiencies for the sales team

Supported the sales team through an automated process of communication with leads as they progressed through their purchase journey. This enabled the sales team to focus on the sale of today.

Prospects engaged in content relevant to them

We saw that by delivering personalised content, segmented both by buyer type and by purchase journey stage, we were able to deliver open rates and click-to-open rates above industry benchmarks.

Phase 2 | Testing & Optimisations

We are now moving into the second phase of the nurture strategy: implementing a testing methodology including send time of day, subject line A/B and CTA testing to gain further insights of each of the segmented JG King audiences within the database.


Emails delivered through Marketo nurture


Open rate of sales funnel nurture emails (Industry benchmark is 19.17%)


High lead score sales alerts delivered

We are proudly in our fifth year of partnership with JG King. We look forward to discovering and delivering great outcomes in Phase 2.


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