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Australia’s lead advertising solution for home builders and property developers. We generate qualified property buyers at a fixed cost per lead.

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Over the past nine years we’ve had over $2 billlion in revenue attributed to our campaigns. We’ve done this by offering an industry-specific performance marketing solution that consistently delivers measurable results.

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Recent Case Studies

Ultimately, it’s the metrics that matter. Check out some of our recent case studies below to see how we walk the talk.

Our lead capture pages convert 127% above industry average*

Our secret? All of our property marketing services are oriented around your sales revenue and targets. Check out how we reduce the cost per sale for our clients.

*Source – Unbounce, 2021.
*Based on average property campaign LCP conversion of 5%.

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Our team brings decades of property industry experience alongside a unique blend of advertising, content creation, marketing automation, call-conversion, social media management and CRM integrations.

Nik Sproal

General Manager

Danielle Skittrall

Head of Property

Jessie Angus

Acting Head of Property

Georgie Millard

Account Manager

Ginny Barro

Account Manager

Sarah Kelland

Senior Account Manager

Victoria Molin

Account Manager

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Find answers to common questions about our property marketing agency and services.

Property Marketing FAQs

A consistent pipeline of leads is an invaluable part of real estate marketing, but volume without quality can hurt your ROI. We believe it’s crucial that sales teams can focus their time and resources on converting sales-qualified leads.

The channels we use for your lead generation campaign really depends on the audience as different channels are better suited to different audiences. In general, we run property marketing campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google and Tiktok.

We offer a fixed cost per lead product for the property market.

We know that chasing leads that aren’t ready is frustrating and time wasting. That’s why at Social Garden we are committed to providing high quality leads for our customers. We do this by pushing all our leads through our 8-step qualification process and ensuring all leads pass through SMS verification before being handed over to your sales team.

No, we work with you to ensure our lead generation campaign complements your other marketing campaigns. One key piece of feedback we get from our property customers is how useful our campaign insights into creative performance are for improving other channels.

Our lead generation services start from $8,000 per month. The cost of your lead generation campaign will depend on your KPIs and your target sales, cost per sale and lead to sale conversion rate.

We’ve been running lead generation campaigns for close to 10 years. In 2021, we generated 99,988 property leads for our customers. We don’t claim to be the best at lead generation across all industries. However, when it comes to generating leads for property, we are extremely effective at delivering high ROI for our clients.

We use a number of tools to track the performance of our lead generation campaigns. We also have our own real-time reporting analytics platform, LeadTech Insights. This is useful for property developers and agents, giving you access to the metrics that matter.

Given all of our campaigns have real time reporting you will have 100% transparency on the performance of your campaign. It can take time to get lead generation campaigns humming. We focus on lifting the metrics that matter and work tirelessly to ensure we are squeezing all of the juice out of your budget to deliver you the results you want.

We're experts in designing property marketing campaigns to reach the right people, and we use data-driven insights and audience-targeting strategies to make that happen. By analysing the demographics, interests, and behaviors of your target audience, we create customised messaging and campaigns that resonate with them. We use various marketing channels like social media, email marketing, and paid advertising to reach a wider audience.

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