HC Progressive

Sales Cloud Implementation


HC Progressive (HCP) is a company that specialises in solar products and installations. The business has a distribution contact centre, field sales and installation team. HCP was using a number of different software solutions to manage their sales process and product delivery. They wanted to consolidate these and move to a platform that would handle all the intricacies involved in their sales process. After evaluating multiple solutions, HCP settled on Salesforce.

Managing the sales process:

Social Garden implemented and integrated Pardot to manage the heavy lifting lead nurture and to score and prioritise leads based on their behaviour and profile information.
The customer journey for HCP starts with someone making an enquiry off a digital advertisement. Depending on the stage they’re at (indicated by their timeframe to purchase and finance status) and the size of the job leads were distributed to either a fast-track sales pool or lead-nurture pool.
Once a lead is assigned to a pool an opportunity is created and the sales process kicks in. Leads in the fast-track are contacted within 2 hours of being generated. If the lead is engaged and meets qualification criteria, the lead is added to the quote queue. At this stage, a task is created for a custom solar simulation to be created. Once this task is complete and the simulation is uploaded to Salesforce, an email is triggered for the customer to review and accept the quote. The lead is handed back to the sales consultant to then follow up and convert.

Managing the rollout:

Once an opportunity is closed and the lead is converted into a customer, a case is then created to manage the installation of the solar system. Social Garden integrated DayBack into Salesforce to manage on-site quotes and installations. DayBack makes it easy to sync cases and events to give the business a holistic view of sales and customer service activity right across the country. GeoPoint was also implemented to optimise the allocation of jobs to consultants based on the location of customers. This helped to improve travel time and had a big impact on gross profit.

"We worked with Social Garden on the implementation of Salesforce to help manage the sales and delivery process for our business. Social Garden have been a great strategic partner for our HC Progressive. The team put a lot of work into understanding our business challenges prior to launching into development which saved us a lot of headaches in the implementation phase. We're really pleased with the end result. Well done Social Garden."

- Kent Pomare, CEO, HC Progressive

Data-driven call centre solution:

HCP has a local call centre that manages the qualification of new leads and existing customers. The business wanted an integrated call centre solution to activate leads faster and handle all requests within the one platform. Social Garden implemented and integrated NewVoiceMedia into Salesforce, giving HCP real-time analytics on key metrics like lead to quote conversion, lead to sale conversion, speed to first call and a breakdown of conversion by channel and sales consultant.

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