5 Killer Video Marketing Strategies with Examples

Most brands understand the power of video marketing.

But understanding how to develop a successful video marketing strategy to generate sales is much less common.

We have clients across education and property who utilise our video marketing services and have seen firsthand how video marketing can achieve a higher return on investment.

Here, we share our secrets with 5 killer video campaign examples.

Why is a video marketing strategy important?

Online video content is nothing new, so it’s hard to believe that its popularity is still growing.

This craze is evident in how older platforms like Instagram and Facebook have evolved to better facilitate videos, such as through Stories and new algorithms that favour animation over static.

But besides this, each new social platform introduces even better ways of creating and engaging with video marketing – just look at TikTok.

Now more than ever, video social content is hard to ignore, with TikTok recently overtaking YouTube in US watch time. Ensuring that you’re producing the right type of video content for the right platform is critical.

Top video marketing trends 2021

When we looked at the biggest video marketing trends in 2021, it seemed to us that video and social media are a winning combo.

Together, they allow users to express themselves in a way that is creative, accessible and authentic. This style of video content is fast becoming more and more what audiences want to see.

Let’s find out how you can use this to your advantage with two of the biggest video marketing trends: user-generated content (UGC) and animation.

  • UGC
    Given that the best advertising is referral from your network of trusted friends and family, it’s no surprise that user-generated video content is so effective in video marketing strategies.
  • Animation
    Animation is a cost-effective way of cutting-through the newsfeed noise with creative content that engages your audience. It’s also a great option if you’re low on video content or the time to create videos.

5 examples of video marketing strategies


As an exciting re-usable solution to traditional sanitary products, Modibodi wanted to build brand awareness.

They partnered with us to help them encourage people to try out the product and address the stigma around openly discussing periods.

We led a multi-channel social media campaign where we allowed students to try out the products and then heroed the voices of our student content creator base to create authentic video content in response to Modibodi.

Our channel specific videos are among the brand’s highest performing across TikTok & Instagram, drawing huge interest and helping to break down obstacles to purchase.

At time of writing, one of our TikTok videos has received over 140,000 views.

The Australian National University (ANU)

ANU came to us with a very clear challenge.

Their traditional video content was often generic and similar to their competitors and they were struggling to attract diverse students.

They engaged us to help showcase their uni from a fun, engaging and genuine student perspective. It was clear to us from the get-go that user-generated content was the solution.

We leveraged our unique Student Garden UGC product to call on our network of over 400 student content creators across Australia and share the true experience of studying at ANU.

We then produced 12 unique videos and launched them across paid advertising and organic social.

This UGC-led video marketing strategy achieved record breaking engagement for ANU and helped to increase their enrolled students.

Flinders University (International)

Flinders University wanted to attract new students from Asia, South America, Africa and Australia to its business school.

They engaged us for a user-generated content campaign that would showcase the experience of studying in Australia and drive enrollments.

We set to work turning their current students into ambassadors to generate video content that shared real student stories and experiences. This involved guiding students on video content best practices and training.

Leveraging a range of video, blog and social advertising created a highly personalised, relatable and cost effective way to show Flinders University as a welcoming and rewarding place to study.

Want to take a peek? View this influencer-style video.

Builders Academy Australia

We’ve been running social media marketing campaigns for our long-time clients Builders Academy Australia for many years.

Our work for them regularly includes original copywriting, content creation, and paid advertising, and of course, video marketing services.

In 2020 we did our best work yet, increasing student registrations numbers and lowering the cost to acquire a student.

Part of this was all thanks to leveraging student-led video testimonials and user-generated content at strategic points in the buyers’ journey. It’s important to note that your video can be used throughout the funnel, not just as a brand tool.

Thanks to our SnapChat video marketing campaign, student registrations increased Year-On-Year!

Metro Homes

Our video marketing services for home builder Metro Homes is just another example of the power of video marketing in lead generation.

We used pre-existing video content across multiple social channels tailored to the buying journey to address the key motivations and concerns at each stage.

The result? Video creative generated the lion’s share of leads at a whopping 92%, leading to our 66% of sales from the video advertising.

How do I start video marketing?

What these different examples show is that any brand can harness video marketing services for lead generation. And as you can see from the common threads in the case studies above, authenticity is one of the key drivers of engagement.

Develop video marketing strategies by tapping into your free resource of customers and brand ambassadors. By leveraging trends like UGC, you can create cost effective content from real voices that resonate with your audience.


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